Why were e cigars invented?

Cigars contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical whose long-term use can lead to nicotine fixation therefore cigar users eventually became addicted to its use. The adverse effects of smoking tobacco cigars were evident on its users and were damaging there health and doctors and health specialist were concerned about smoking habits.

Although invented in the 60s e cigars could not be manufactured up until 2007 as the technology at the time was not as well developed and many people were unsure of replacing an electrical device with a real cigarette. Nevertheless, as the information regarding diseases associated with tobacco cigars grew so did the health concerns of the governmental and health care bodies. As a Chinese scientist finally created what was to be the modern day e cigar its demand grew over time. The e cigar was made for several reasons:


The e cigar can save from pulmonary diseases that are associated with the tobacco cigar. The tobacco cigars long-term use can lead to the blockage of arteries, which can lead to heart strokes at early age and increase the risk of cardiac arrest by 22 percent in men and at least 12 percent in women. The ecigar does not cause damage to the heart, as it is free of tobacco.

Nicotine Fixation:

The users can choose the amount of nicotine they add in the e cigar, which makes it convenient to use. The nicotine amount can be lessened day by day until the user is entirely free of nicotine fixation. Afterwards, nicotine free e cigars can also be used to get the feel of smoking.


The use of e cigar saves from many respiratory problems associated with smoking. Unlike the tobacco cigar the e cigar does damage the alveoli in the lungs and cause no problems in breathing. A study showed that the users who were give e cigar to smoke showed no signs of elevated heartbeat or choking however, the users of tobacco displayed all these signs.


E cigar does not produce smoke and therefore is completely safe for the environment. The harmless vapor that it produces causes no harm to the surroundings. Moreover, diseases that are acquired through passive smoking, by being in the surroundings of smokers will no longer be acquired, as there will be no deadly tobacco smoke for them to inhale.



The regular tobacco cigar is not only unhealthy but also expensive as cigar prices keep increasing in the market. However, the e cigar only costs once. The e cigar kit may be expensive but afterwards one only has to pay for the cartridges therefore the long term cost of e cigar is very less. Moreover, the tobacco cigar has to be consumed immediately once lit even if the user takes only one puff while the battery powered e cigar can be used for multiple sessions till the cartridge ends which makes it quite cost effective and helps to overcome the smoking habit. Therefore, due to the many health and economic benefits associated with e smoking the e cigar was invented.


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