E-Cigars- What there is to know

There is a new product that has entered the world of e cigarettes and that is the e cigar. When one compares this electric device with the actual thing, the most notable difference that they find is the absence of that horrible smell that the traditional cigars leave behind.

Appearance and feel wise, these devices are almost the same as an actual Cuban. The e cigar has created a lot of hype in the world of e cigarettes as it has given people the ability to once again enjoy a good quality cigar at their poker tables. However, the e cigar has to fill some big shoes and winning over the conventional cigar smokers won’t be an easy feat.

Buying an e cigar for the first time, the notable things that meet the eye at first is the wrapper and the packaging. They are realistic in nature as the vendors go the extra mile to make them look like the real thing as much as they can before one even opens them. The overall feel and look of e cigars is developed through the addition of weight balance and the feel of the paper, making them mimic the original. One cannot tell that these devices are electronic in nature when looking from a distance. The only thing that gives them away is perhaps the lack of smoke and ash.

The disposable kind of e cigars has the ability to last for several months, allowing cigar smokers to make every night poker night. E cigars, well most of them, also have an LED tip that is hidden behind a screen of some sort so as to mimic the ash of an actual cigar. These electric devices are taking the e cig world by rage as they are now allowing cigar smokers to have the ability of smoking cigars indoors without having to upset others around them.

Like all e cigarettes, the ultimate test of the e cigar is also the vapor and flavor test. The traditional ones have a really distinct smell as well as taste and also produce tons of smoke, so naturally e cigars would have to mimic that as much as they possibly can by producing a lot of vapor and flavor. Besides that, the way that a cigar is puffed as well as inhaled also needs to be mimicked by its electronic counterpart. For the user though, it’s all about the string flavor that it produces and for the people around, the absence of the stink. People have been quite amazed with the strong smell as well as the realistic flavors that are being offered by e cigars and the best part is the smell is there only for the person smoking the device.  The taste is just like that of a real Cuban and it is recommended for newbies to buy these devices in the mid high range so as to refrain from getting disappointed by knock offs that are there at low process in the market.


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