E-Cigars- The next big thing in the world of E-cigs

In the world of the now widely uses e cigarette, the E-cigar is considered to be a fairly new product. Between an actual cigar and an e cigar, the highly notable difference is the highly notable absence of a stink that is considered to be room destroying.

The look and feel of these electronic devices is the same as an actual Cuban cigar. These new devices have made quite an uproar in the e cigarette world, as people can now once again a cigar that tastes quite fine at their poker table. Some big shoes have to be filled by electronic cigars as it won’t be easy to win over the conventional cigar smokers.

When one first buys an electronic cigar, the first thing that will happen too notice would be the realistic qualities of the wrapper and the packaging. Most e cigarette and e cigar vendors are likely to spend a few extra dollars to make the e cigars look as close to the real thing as possible, starting before one even gets to open the package. The weight balance as well as the feel of the paper also adds to the overall feel and look that is quite like the original. It is quite impossible to decipher that these particular devices are electronic in nature from a short distance. The lack of ash and smoke is perhaps the only thing that gives them away.

Most e cigars can last for at least several months of poker games as they are disposable. Hidden behind some screen to mimic an actual cigar’s ash, this new addition in the world of the e cigarette, has a LED tip. Among the people who are now taking up the habit of smoking an e cigarette, these new devices are increasingly becoming popular as one can conveniently smoke them without upsetting others. Its smell is only appreciated by the person smoking it, which is actually really nice.

The flavor and vapor test is of course the real test of any e cigarette. A huge amount of smoke is produced by a cigar which has a very distinct taste as well as smell. That would mean naturally an e-cigar would have to replicate the most of that experience as possible while at the same time produce a ton of vapor and flavor. The way that a cigar is ‘puffed’ and inhaled, which is quite unique, also needs to be replicated by an e-cigar. For the user, a good e cigar would have a strong flavor, and for the other people in the room, no smell at all. Most people have literally been amazed at the realistic flavors and the strong smell that is given off by these e cigars, but only to the person that is smoking them. And the taste is just like that of a real cigar.

It is recommended that one should look for an e cigar that is disposable as well as in the mid-high price range so as to avoid being disappointed by a cheap knock off.


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