E- Cigars – A Safe Choice

Electronic cigarettes or ‘e-smokes’ have gained wide popularity since their release in the market in 2004. People who want to quit smoking or fear the horror of increased nicotine intake are the usual buyers of e-cigars.

In structure and demeanor, they are like traditional cigarettes but are a hundred times safer than them due to their constituents.

Mode of operation

The liquid in the cartridge is transferred to the atomizer when a person inhales an E-cigarette. The atomizer in turn converts the nicotine liquid into vapors which is then released as smoke. The LED present indicates the conversion of liquid into vapors.

E-cigars are battery operated and therefore provide a cheap source of nicotine which lasts longer than the regular cigarette.

The cartridge present can be refilled with more liquid which may be flavoured or unflavoured.


E-cigars have the least health concerns because:

– They are tar free.

– They contain only 5% nicotine.

– The major constituent is glycerol or propylene glycol, both of which are food additives and FDA approved.

– It is free from chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde.

– They do not release carbon monoxide which is a major greenhouse gas.


The use of e-cigars helps people to refrain from direct inhalation of nicotine and tar smoke which may lead to different kinds of cancers.

They are a cheap source of nicotine delivery as compared to the usual cigarettes in the long run.

E-cigarettes do not pose a threat to the environmental conditions because they do not release carbon monoxide which is a major greenhouse gas and adds to global warming.

It helps people to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine they smoke because E- cigarettes are a good way for smoking cessation when utilized properly and methodically.

Even though E- cigarettes do not provide the users with the same concentration of nicotine, they create the same level of euphoria in them. This means that the basic satisfaction is still being fulfilled.

Passive Smokers

There have been many experts who have claimed that e-cigars are safer to use as compared to a normal cigar or cigarette. However, now experts have concluded that even passive smokers are comparatively safer around e-cigs.

A study conducted recently by researchers in Buffalo, New York and Poland compared the vapors from three different brands of e-cigs with the smoke that emits from normal cigarettes.

The researchers found out that the vapor that comes from e-cigs does not emit toxic and pollutant particles (by-products of combustion) that come out of normal, tobacco cigarettes. The level of nicotine in the electronic cigarette is only one-tenth of the quantity found in a tobacco smoke.

The researchers concluded that e-cigs do not bare non-users to “toxic tobacco-specific combustion products” but only to little quantities of nicotine. Comparatively, that is much safer than exposing them to toxic gases.


Many thorough studies have been conducted on e-cigars. While some researchers still look doubtful, most of the cigarette-smoking population has now opted for e-cigs as their life-saving alternatives.

E-cigarettes have been proven as the safer choice in cigarette-smoking.


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