E Cigars: For that Special Occasion

It is customary at special occasions to have a cigar. Whether it be the birth of a child or closing an important deal at the office, cigars tend to make their appearance. There are a number of drawbacks with smoking a cigar that some would not want to risk, even if it is a special occasion (Let’s face it, there are a lot of these occasions in one’s lifetime!). Enter the e cigar. It is the wonderful alternative to a normal cigar.


The problem with cigars


Cigars pose almost as many health risks as cigarettes. Although not smoked as often, they still contain harsh chemicals that can affect one’s health negatively. Although one may only smoke as little as one cigar a day, this may contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Cigars also have an awful smell that hangs around long after the cigar has been extinguished. Added to this, most people do not finish cigars so there is a lot of waste. These problems can be abated through the use of an e cigar.


Why e cigars?


An e cigar looks and tastes just like a normal cigar without all the drawbacks. Having an e cigar at a special occasion will still involve one in the celebration without having all the health risks. Furthermore, there is no pressure to finish an e cigar. Some traditional cigars can take quite a long time to burn through while with an e cigar a few puffs is all that is needed to feel a part of any festivity. Using an e cigar also avoids the fuss of preparing the cigar to be smoked. The e cigar is ready to go and does not require any cutting or the like to prepare it for smoking. Simply insert the cartridge and it is ready to go. The damage done by second hand smoke is also avoided along with the unpleasant smell that goes along with it. The smell tends to hang around a lot longer than with cigarettes and can be unbecoming when one walks into a room where no one has smoked. E cigars do not have this smell so the user can have their puff and when in another room, no one would know they just had a cigar.


Buying an e cigar


Just like electronic cigarettes, e cigars can be found at a number of different outlets so be sure to shop around for the best fit. Kits with different types of chargers are available, as well as different outer casing for the authentic cigar look and feel. E cigars also come in a host of flavours and choosing the right one is as unique as the individual shopping for them. There are even electronic cigars that come in a pack of multiples should one wish to share with their friends, family or colleagues at that special occasion. The options are endless and choosing the correct e cigar can be daunting so research is imperative.


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