All about e cigars

The world has revolutionized to battery powered nicotine smoking elements that are a much healthier alternative to conventional cigarette. E cigar is battery-powered inhalers that can be refilled are re-usable and are much more long lasting than the traditional cigar. They do not need the assistance of fire to burn, as they are electrical devices that run purely on the electrical energy stored in their rechargeable batteries

Why switch to e cigar:

Tobacco cigars contain chemicals that cause varying tobacco related diseases such as lung cancer,throat cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Tobacco cigar damages the alveoli and cause breathing problems and eventually the lungs become unable to function well. Cigars are also a leading cause of infant deaths whose mothers smoke tobacco during pregnancy as well as leads to many childhood related diseases related with smoking during pregnancy. Smoking mothers often give birth to weak, feeble children who have respiratory and growing problems. Moreover, smoking leads to hypertension, insomnia, depression and other psychological diseases. Smoking kills the appetite, which leads the user to quit consuming food worsening his health condition and metabolism. The CDC has reported that one out of five deaths in the US are due to the over consumption.

Environmental benefits:

E cigar does not only benefit the user but also his surrounding, as they do not release the deadly gases that are released from conventional cigars rather a harmless vapor that neither affects the users lungs nor the environment. People refrain from becoming passive smokers who become silent victims of the smokers smoke and suffer from disease.


The e cigar does not have cancer-causing carcinogens that are found the traditional cigar. The FDA in 2009 spotted some chemicals but there amount was nothing compared to the carcinogens found in the traditional cigars however it put rest to the theory that the e cigar has no side effects at all. Therefore, the FDA is skeptical of legalizing the product and is unsure whether it should be sold a medicinal product. In 2011 an organization did a study on a group of people who were asked to smoke the e cigar five minutes after smoking they went through a detailed assessment in which it was found that the peopleĀ  they has severe pulmonary effects on the users and there was significant oxidative stress on their lungs. A chain smoker is expected to smoke several times a day, which means the effects on their health could be devastating. It is also believed that as the electric cigars are camouflaged as healthy users are more likely to smoke them thinking that nicotine inhalation will no longer harm their death so people will be more fascinated by smoking.

Therefore, even though the e cigar is a safer alternative to tobacco have an it is not a 100 percent safe however, it can lead to some complications if used for long term. It does amount of toxicity that can harmful for the user. Therefore, one must make sure they are buying the right brand of cigar that is approved by health authorities.


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