E-cigs Help People Quit Tobacco

According to a study conducted in great detail to outline the benefits of e-cigs in comparison to traditional cigarettes, the analysis proved the facts that the chemicals present in traditional cigarettes are not present in the modern day e-cigs thus, proving it to be an excellent as well as safe alternative for traditional smoking. Today, these cigarettes are immensely popular amongst teenagers as most of them look for products which offer minimum damage. It is also a cheaper alternative for traditional cigarettes and serves to be economic for people who are under a strict budget. They are mostly marketed towards teenagers as this is the age where they come across smoking. Through their usage of these cigarettes, they can avoid harmful side effects of regular smoking throughout the rest of their lives. They are also adequate for smokers who cannot sustain a smoking habit.
Since its invention, e-cigs have captured the hearts of many satisfied customers. Manufacturers and customers believe that they contain numerous benefits for smokers who cannot sustain a smoking habit or wish to try smoking. The interesting part is the fact that it generates the same sensation in the human body as the traditional cigarettes, minus the dreadful side effects. Even with all its advantages, many regulatory agencies and experts question its reliability. The questions mostly address the possibility of organ damage by vapor inhaling as well as other side effects of e-cigs for the smokers and the general public.
Thee-cigs are very similar to the traditional cigarettes and can be mistaken. However, if a closer look is given to the outer surface, the difference can be spotted. These cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco, which is what makes them a healthy alternative. This alternative consists of a vapor which is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker instead. There is a mouthpiece and a liquid container which contains liquid nicotine and this turns into a vapor eventually. There are no chemicals present in e-cigs.
Due to the fact that e-cigs don’t contain tobacco, they are not subjected to any tobacco laws in the U.S and they can be purchased without any age limit. This aspect causes great trouble that children may get their hands on the wrong product and may even switch to traditional smoking once exposed to them as they are easily accessible and purchasable online which is another factor that adds up to encourage young people becoming nicotine addicts at an early age.
Moreover, the manufacturing companies of e-cigs claim that the product can be smoked anywhere and everywhere, public restrictions still find it inadequate as it portrays inappropriate attitude in the open thus, imposing a variety of restrictions on the immense usage of these cigarettes. Despite many dreadful and life threatening diseases in the present times, people cannot sustain their smoking habit permanently and it is because of the prominent fact that smoking is addictive. However, many smokers have switched to e-cigs recently as reported by the electronic cigarettes industry.


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