E-Cigs as More Than Just Alternatives

Just a few months ago, a lot of people thought that thee cigarette industry had finally reached its limit and that at long last, the entire potential of the e-cig industry had been dried up. Fast forward to today and e-cigarettes are once again being hailed as the incredible innovation that just cannot be stopped by the numerous cynics that surround it. Many experts believe that some of the most innovative minds in the entire country are employed by the e cigarette industry and thus, they stop at nothing to make sure that e-cigs do not die out. It all began with the health initiative and it has now gone on to things as diverse as weight loss, energy boosters and anesthesia insulators.

Lately, a number of e cigarette brands have diversified their projects and they try to incorporate more and more health benefits into their life. This article will try to cover the fact that e-cigarettes have gone on to become a lot more than the alternative to a tobacco filled traditional cigarette. Lately, e-cigs have been trying to incorporate high-tech innovations into the simple, everyday cigarette and the fact that it has done so successfully is something to applaud. Newer technology allows consumers to keep a track of the number of puffs that they have taken in one day and they are then able to go online and figure out if they are smoking too much and if they need to tone down the habit.

Also, the very latest e cigarette allows access to the internet through the Wi-Fi facility. Due to this, people are able to use online service to monitor their smoking habits. Biometric controls have also been introduced lately. Of course, the most popular innovation of all has been the dietary supplement. Recent e cigarette releases allow the consumer to lose weight while they puff up some nicotine. This happens because the liquid nicotine filling up the cartridge is laced with weight loss supplements. It is mind-boggling to think that what began as a simple replacement for smoking has gone to become a two and a half billion dollar industryin itself.

Despite the fact that these new e cigarette innovations have hit the market (while others are still in the pipeline), it is still too early to state if they will go on to become huge successes and hits like their predecessor and one will have to wait and see if that actually happens. However, one thing is quite clear, when HonLik first invented the e cigarette all those years ago, even he could not have imagined the amount of success his product would see – especially considering the fact that it happened to be a huge flop when it came out initially.

Currently though, electronic cigarettes are mainly being advertised as healthy alternatives to smoking a traditional cigarette that is dangerously laced with high amounts of tobacco. However, it is quite obvious to a number of experts that one only needs to wait and keep an eye on the industry. It will begin to soar up again soon enough.


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