E-cigs – The Best Device for Nicotine Control

Nicotine is an amazingly addictive drug and the effects can be seen within smokers from all over the world. It is considered to be the most dangerous and the most used drug in the whole world despite its life threatening effects and ability to cause incurable and dreadful health problems. Cigarette smoking causes over 90% of lung cancer cases in the US and about 40,000 deaths per year which are caused by rather passive smoking.
The amount of nicotine in the cigarettes in the US is around 10 mg or more, which is a lot when it comes to a harmful drug like nicotine. It is basically one of the 4,000 chemicals that are found in the smoke from the notorious tobacco products. The fact which makes nicotine addictive and irresistible is because it initially starts affecting the brain heavily. This harmful substance is completely absorbed into the mouth, nose and lungs through the act of inhalation by smokers. Once it gets inside, it affects the human body in ways that are harmful and unknown to them.
The e-cig was created to help smokers get rid of their smoking habit. It provides perfect balance and nicotine control for smokers who cannot sustain a smoking habit these days. The e-cig comes with cartridges in it along with the mouthpiece. The cartridges contain a very low content of nicotine. Heavy smokers can begin with high nicotine strength, slowly making their way towards mild and then eventually low. The whole process of smoking an e-cig means that people can use various levels, whichever they prefer in the beginning, to quit smoking for once and all in the long run. Avoiding nicotine is the biggest challenge as researches show that nicotine attacks the brain instantly and starts creating its addictive effect. Nicotine’s properties have found to be the key source in enhancing the abuse potential amongst people. This has ruined families worldwide and contributed to annual death and divorce rates heavily.
The e-cig is also available with no nicotine content. This serves as the best way for people who have quit smoking but want to continue enjoying an e-cig for a long time. It serves to be the best alternative for traditional smoking as tobacco industry thrives on providing addictive cigarettes with high nicotine content. An e-cig is considered to be a healthier alternative for regular smoking because it eliminates the chances of transmitting dreadful diseases while providing the smokers with the very same sensation. Due to the fact, millions of smokers from all around the world have switched to them and made the e-cig industry achieve excessive success.
People have also considered smoking these cigarettes because they are now aware of the harmful effects of nicotine due to the many brilliant campaigns which shed light and raised awareness about this topic globally. Individuals can easily research about an e-cig these days before purchasing them for future use. It will help eliminate all doubts and confusion about this modern day lifesaving invention for all those who wish to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes for good.


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