E-Cigs; The History Timeline

The first e-cig was created in Beijing, China by the pharmacist and smoker Hon Lik in 2003. He invented the e-cig after his father, who was also a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer. The name of the device was later changed to “Ruyan” which means “like smoke” by Golden Dragon Holdings. Hon Lik first started to work on his great invention in 2000 and eventually created it in 2004 after a lot of hard work and determination.
E-cigarettes were introduced in Europe in 2006 and to the U.S in between 2006-2007. The U.S undergoes mass production of this device as its population is quite well aware of the product and enjoys it as a suitable alternative for traditional smoking. E-cigs also made their way through Europe and were taken into consideration by the smoking population. It proved to be an interesting new device and a great number of people switched from regular smoking to e-cigs to explore this new phenomenon as well as for health reasons.
A study in 2008 was conducted in great detail to outline the benefits of e cigarettes in comparison to traditional cigarettes. The analysis proves the facts that the chemicals present in traditional cigarettes are not present in the modern day e-cigs thus, proving it to be an excellent as well as safe alternative for traditional smoking.
E-cigs which contain nicotine were banned in Australia in 2009 due to the fact that anything containing nicotine except for therapy purposes is known to be extremely harmful. Similarly, the electronic cigarette association was formed in May, 2009 in order to speak for e cigarettes. The association was made up of e-cig producers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors who represented the e-cig industry overall. The ECA spread awareness about the device and was also responsible for responding to all the arising health related questions. The association was led by the U.S congressman Matt Salmon and has headquarter in Washington, D.C. It proved to be an effective platform for promoting e-cigs generally in the U.S, however, opposition and criticism was still faced.
Today, e-cigs are immensely popular amongst teenagers as most of them look for products which offer minimum damage. It is also a cheaper alternative for traditional cigarettes and serves to be economic for people who are under a strict budget. E-cigs are mostly marketed towards teenagers as this is the age where they come across smoking. Through the usage of e-cigs, they can avoid harmful side effects of regular smoking throughout the rest of their lives. E cigarettes are also adequate for smokers who cannot sustain a smoking habit since all they have to do is replace their regular cigarettes with e cigarettes.
Furthermore, in 2009, UK ASH announced that products which deliver nicotine in a safe way, avoiding all the harmful side effects of tobacco and nicotine should be available for smokers who do not wish to quit. This promotes e-cigs in the United Kingdom as well and gives e-cigs the platform it deserves to get in today’s world.


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