E-pipes or E-Cigars

An e cigarette in the shape of a pipe is an e pipe while e cigars are the electric counterparts of traditional cigars.  E-pipes are famous for giving one the amazing ability of putting an extra long drip tip to it while e cigars give one the ability to enjoy a cigar indoors without having to destroy the room with the horrible odor that traditional cigars are known to give off. When one is to look at performance, the e cigar is better as compared to the e pipe. Both however, work on a battery and the e pipe also has a drip tip as well as an atomizer that can be tank based.

E cigars have an LED tip that lights up when one takes a puff so as to mimic the ash of a real Cuban. While the e pipe has an atomizer that has a drip tip fixed on it and it screws up in the base of the e pipe which is essentially the bigger end. An e pipe’s atomizer is more often than not unregulated with the absence of a screen as well as short or low voltage protection. And this is the reason why only advanced users use this type of e cigarette. E cigars on the other hand can be used by all kinds of smoker with ease and thus are more popular than e pipes.

There is a firing button on top of an e pipe which basically completes the circuitry that reaches the atomizer. Made of metal though is only this circuitry while the housing on the other hand is usually made of wood, metal or plastic to create the sensation of smoking an authentic pipe. For the e cigar, the authentic feeling is given through the use of quality packaging and the wrapper. The basic purpose of doing so is to make the users feel that they are smoking the real stuff instead of their electric replicas.

For an e pipe, due to the battery drain, the first pull and the last pull of the day are significantly different though this can be avoided by carrying an extra battery. This problem is not faced by e cigar users as those devices are able to maintain the flavor throughout the usage period.

Most people consider the e pipe to be a novelty item though manufacturers avoid selling ones that have a wider base since they want to replicate the actual thing as much as they possibly can. The e cigar on the other hand has the look and feel of a real Cuban which makes it look like a novelty item before one even gets to open the packing.

Custom made e pipes with larger bases are more expensive and thus more extravagant. So all in all, both these devices are quite near to the real thing and are able to stimulate the smoking experiences that are given by their original counterparts quite well, and thus they are both equally liked by their respective users.





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