E-pipes- the next novelty item

An e cigarette that is in the shape of a pipe is what one calls an e pipe. The best thing about an e pipe is most probably the fact that one can put an extra long drip tip on it. While with regard to performance, it can be said that they are satisfactory but not really the best as compared to the other types of an e cigarette.  Like any other e cigarette, these too work on an external battery, a drip tip and a type of atomizer that may be tank based.

An e pipe has an atomizer that screws up in the base that is its bigger end. The drip tip on the other hand is fixed on the atomizer. These are usually unregulated as there is no shot or low voltage protection or even a screen. So this is the reason that this type of e cigarette is mostly only used by advanced users.

On top of an e pipe, there is usually a firing button that basically completes the circuitry that reaches the atomizer. This circuitry, though made of metal, the housing on the other hand can be made of wood, plastic or metal, so as to stimulate more of an authentic pipe feel. Due to the absence of any sort of regulation, the voltage that is outputted would drop over time. Due to the battery drain, one’s first pull of their e pipe is going to be significantly different than their last pull of the day. However, this can be avoided by carrying an extra battery along with one everywhere that they go.

As the e pipe’s bas is smaller compare to any other e cigarette, it uses a smaller battery. One can always use a larger battery too but at the expense of a larger base. An e pipe maybe a novelty item for most people though most manufacturers do not sell the ones that have a large base as they want to replicate the real thing as close as they can. So the ones that have a larger base are custom made which makes them more expensive.

Most of the e pipe kits also include an atomizer as only specific atomizers can be used for e pipes. It is preferable to get everything in one neat package than to have one accessory or part bought separately. These kits usually come with the battery as well. For those who like to customize as much as they can, these kits would not be the ideal choice. Such people like to play around, changing atomizers and what not. However, they do not have that option with an e pipe.

Because it is used horizontally rather than vertically, an e pipe’s atomizer would be in a parallel position as compared to the ground. So that would make some of the e liquid to pool close to the drip tip instead of the bottom like other e cigarettes. Thus it is recommended that the user be cautious of this and should not take really long pulls before having inverted the pipe.


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