E- SMOKING- An Increasing Trend

For all the people who consider smoking to be an act of being cool and modern yet consider it  harmful, E-cigarettes are a boon. Similar to the traditional cigarettes in structure, they are quite different in their mode of delivering nicotine. Their use has increased greatly overtime mainly among the youngsters who like to smoke for style and for the sake of fashion.


It is a slim and long device which resembles a traditional cigarette in appearence but it is battery operated which makes it automatic.


-Sensor: When a person inhales the cigarette, the sensor sends signals to the battery in order to activate the atomizer.

– Cartridge: It contains the nicotine liquid which may or may not be flavoured.

-Atomizer: This part converts the liquid nicotine into vapours.

– Battery: The battery provides energy.

– LED: The LED indicates inhalation and activation of the atomizer.


The E- cigarette is turned on when a person inhales. This sends signals to the atomizer as well as to the LED which lights up. The liquid (flavoured or unflavoured) in the cartridge is then transferred to the atomizer. Here, the liquid is converted into vapours. The energy necessary for the conversion is derived from the battery. The vapours are released just like the cigarette smoke but without the typical odour and particles.

Advantages over traditional cigarettes:

By using E-cigarettes a person does not directly inhale nicotine vapours as in the case of traditional cigarettes and pipes.

It frees a person from inhaling the typical smell of smoke and tobacco, hence no direct inhalation involved.

Users of E- cigarettes display the same kind of euphoria as the users of cigarettes. They feel the same satisfaction of holding, inhaling and exhaling with little concern about its near-to-zero side effects.

It is cheaper than the traditional cigarettes in the long run.


People have started to adopt the use of E- cigarettes due to health concerns related to tar and direct nicotine smoke which is minimal in E- cigarettes.

They have also adopted them to decrease their nicotine dependence. Gradually decreasing nicotine dependence leads a person to quit smoking.

The major disadvantage of ‘ecigs’ is that it is leading our youth to start smoking as it is considered to be less harmful. Their body becomes accustomed to a certain level of nicotine and therefore increases their chances of nicotine dependence.


E- cigarettes have indeed spread their market throughout the wrold. They are available on retail shops as well as online. Manufacturers of E- cigarettes offer them online with coupons to encourage their sales.


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