Electronic-Cig Converts from Hollywood

The Electronic Cigarette fever is high in Hollywood celebrities at these times. Where early converts from traditional cigarettes date back to 2008 namely actress Katherine Heigi, there are many actors who have been spotted using the e-cig on public platforms or media interviews. Hard core tobacco cigarette smoker such as Simon Cowell also enjoys smoking e-cigs and traditional cigarettes interchangeably. Other celebrities joining in the e-cig parade include Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Isla Fisher, Leonardo Di Caprio, Robbie Williams and Cheryl Cole.

The impact of these celebrities quitting tobacco filled cigarettes and switching to e-cigarettes is phenomenal on the fan following who imitate most of the fashion statements and habits of these public figures. The healthy alternative where liquid nicotine is vaped in different flavours is also gaining popularity amongst the youngsters who wish to maintain a particular social image and life style. Most marketing strategies and gimmicks also target the younger lot with Hollywood stars who have the target audience hooked on.

E- Cig no doubt looks better with the different cases and colours available, and also restricts second hand smoke along with the feasibility of smoking in doors and at non- smoking pubs and lounges. However, not every e- cigarette brand offers the same experience. Many low priced e-cigarette brands are only good for a short period of time and later on have issues with the battery, charging or vaporising of nicotine. In order to have a safe and long lasting experience it is wise to choose a brand which is competitively priced and along with it offers better technology.

One such famous and renowned brand in the E-cig world is Vapor King. It is moderately priced hence in reach of the younger audience as well as middle aged people. The price difference of Vapor King with other brands does not compromise on quality and offers the equipment equivalent to that of high priced brands. The liquid nicotine that comes with Vapor King is available in a wide variety of varying flavours. Cartridges can be bought according to personal desire of nicotine strength that can be adjusted to any level.

Vapor King offers different kits to suit the needs of its buyers. It may be an excellent gift idea to a loved one who needs motivation in switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes as the tobacco filled version is way more risky with proven health disadvantages. Vapor King kits are priced according to the number of cartridges, batteries, atomizer and chargers that come with it. Starter kits are accompanied with user manuals for smokers to have a detailed description of how to go about the electronic smoking experience.

Vapor King can be accessed easily online. A good comparison between the kits and what is offered can be done before making the final choice of purchase. This investment is worthy as the e-cig has a longer life expectancy and more number of places where it can be utilized. Vapor King is recognized and recommended by a large number of existing smokers who have switched for good. The feedback can also be read online on the reviews section of the official website.


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