Electronic Cigarette – A Modern Invention for the Modern Times

The electronic cigarette came into being through Herbert A. Gilbert. The cigarette was smokeless and free of tobacco and instead the essential burning of tobacco was replaced with heated and warm fragrant or flavored air. All in all the nicotine was utilized while steam was generated. This magnificent discovery of Gilbert was not left unnoticed as numerous organizations took a keen interest in manufacturing it for monetary purposes. However, the electronic cigarette by Herbert was never brought much to notice and thus eventually vanished from public records soon.
Hon Lik invented the first proper electronic cigarette. He was a Chinese pharmacist who invented these cigarettes in 2004. However, the design he created produced a steamy vapor which is subsequently inhaled in by the user and allows the entrance of nicotine into the human bloodstream through the lungs. The use of propylene glycol was also introduced to dilute the effect of nicotine while putting it in a cartridge that is disposable and is used as a mouthpiece by the user.
Soon afterwards, electronic cigarette was introduced to the whole world and it became a rather very celebrated invention of its time and thus is used frequently in the world today due to their many advantages. Electronic cigarettes were introduced to Europe in 2006. Shortly after, the U.S was also introduced with these cigarettes. A study in 2008 further proved these cigarettes to be a safe replacement for smoking as the product was brought down to a test and a detailed quantitative research served to connect all the dots together.
The inventor of the electronic cigarette, Hon Lik, worked day and night to bring his invention to life. The electronic cigarette was eventually invented in 2004 after 4 hard years of research and work. The electronic cigarette was actually a little device which was battery powered and delivered nicotine in the form of vapors. The production of vapor was actually what distinguished Hon’s cigarettes from the one that Herbert created as Herbert’s did not produce any. Hon Lik’s cigarettes did not possess the chemicals or substances like tar, which is evidently present in the traditional cigarettes. Another exquisite feature is the fact that the electronic cigarette is odorless.
Numerous people are dying every second in the world because of regular smoking as well as having dreadful diseases like cancers of different sort, for instance mouth and most commonly, lungs. The cigarette industry sells millions of cigarettes every day all the while promoting the hypocritical slogan of “stop smoking” or “smoking kills.” Over 30% of the whole world’s population consists of heavy smokers in today’s modern world.
The electronic cigarette serves to fulfill a strong need for all the smokers, all the while protecting them from the harmful effects of regular smoking. If not for Hon Lik, there would not have been an alternative method of smoking which is quite celebrated by the people who have switched from regular cigarettes to these cigarettes for health purposes.


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