Electronic Cigarette – A Safe Alternative for Smokers

Electronic Cigarettes have recently been marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes according to the recent research which has been conducted in order to find out the truth. According to reports, almost more than 700,000 people in the world are using this alternative to get over their habit of smoking. These devices are imported from China in the present times. However, their nicotine content is not regulated due before sale or distribution in several countries. The UK and the US are the countries that are emerging in their use of the electronic cigarette.
The electronic cigarette basically generates a steamy vapor which can be inhaled and exhaled as well as enables a safe pathway for the nicotine to enter in the human bloodstream through the lungs. The element propylene glycol was used in order to dilute the nicotine and putting it in a disposable cartridge of plastic which works as both mouthpiece and a liquid container. The electronic cigarette of the present times contains all these characteristics and proves to be an adequate alternative for individuals who are looking forward to quit smoking for good.
Most public places have prohibited the act of smoking as it generates a lot of smoke and thus, the odor. Thanks to electronic cigarettes, smokers can practice smoking in the open without polluting the area or disturbing others by causing passive smoking. Moreover, smoking an electronic cigarette is equal to smoking a regular one except it does not bring along the dreadful side effects and long term diseases. The reason is simple as the chemicals present in regular cigarettes are replaced by the vapors in an electronic cigarette.
People are dying every second in the world because of regular smoking as well as having dreadful diseases like cancers of different sort, for instance mouth and most commonly, lungs. The cigarette industry sells millions of cigarettes every day all the while promoting the hypocritical slogan of “stop smoking” or “smoking kills.” Over 30% of the whole world’s population consists of heavy smokers in the present times. An electronic cigarette serves to fulfill a need for these people, all the while protecting them from the harmful effects of regular smoking. If an electronic cigarette had not been invented, there would not have been an alternative method of smoking which is quite celebrated by the people who have switched from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes for health reasons.
Electronic Cigarette was introduced to the whole world and it came to be a very celebrated invention and is used frequently in the world today due to its many benefits. Electronic cigarettes were officially introduced to Europe in 2006 and shortly after, the U.S was also introduced with these cigarettes. A study in 2008 further proved the electronic cigarettes to be a safe replacement for smoking as the product was brought down to a test and a detailed quantitative research served to connect all the dots together. However, the nicotine content in these cigarettes must be regulated in order to maintain safety and quality.


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