People who smoke ordinary cigarette, they get use to of the releasing of smoke after sucking in the cigarette from its tip, but in case of electronic cigarette, this feature is missing as no smoke is been given out when the person sucks in the tip of electronic cigarette . Due to this fact the smoker may not be satisfied while switching to electronic cigarette as he might not get that complete smoking satisfaction, which is because of the presence of tobacco and electronic cigarette being smokeless. To overcome this different brands of electronic cigarettes are been recommended to the new smokers.

These electronic cigarettes contain such sought of e-liquid, which is been selected very carefully by keeping in mind the way that satisfies the cravings of nicotine users by providing them with same sought of sensations and keeping them away from ordinary cigarettes and driving them towards electronic cigarettes for their betterment.


These Electronic Cigarettes produces only the flavored vapor and does not produce at all the real smoke hence no smoke that irritates the people around is been formed by inhaling these cigarettes.


When flavored vapor is been formed and not that typical smoke is given out at all through electronic cigarette smoking, then one can smoke even inside the prohibted areas where smoking is not at all allowed at any cost, or is banned or might be fined if smoke there. At such places one will find the electronic cigarette the best option which will give them the freedom of smoking everywhere, where ever they want to. E.g shopping malls, cafeterias, lifts, cinemas etc. There will also be no complains from passive smokers this way as there won`t be any when the smoke which is injurious to other people around as well, who are passive smokers, wil not be formed.



Electronic Cigarette is an environment friendly product. First of al because no harmful and poisonous smoke is been released out of it which reduces air pollution, secondly because electronic cigarette`s packs are easily recyclable ones while ordinary cigarette`s packs are non-recyclable ones and are found everywhere around thrown at road corner, parks , malls etc polluting the environment. But this won`t happen in the case of Electronic Cigarettes as they will be recycled again.

Moreover, many of the trees, about almost 600 million of them are been destroyed every year because of the only reason that is producing tobacco cigarettes which are been made from tree trunks. By the use of electronic cigarettes there won` t any need of cutting down those trees.


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