Electronic Cigarette vs. Traditional Ones: What Are the Benefits of E-Cigs

The advent of e cigarette has revolutionized the entire market of cigarettes. There are quite a lot of benefits that give a clear edge to these state-of-the-art versions of cigarettes over the conventional ones and some of the leading ones are discussed here.

No Tobacco, No Toxins, No Tar

The biggest and most obvious upside of making use of e cigs is that they do not have tobacco. It does entail that a person can get a decent nicotine dose without ingesting over four thousand heinous chemicals, including more than forty unidentified carcinogens often formed by burning tobacco. While using e cigarette, an individual can experience the similar hand-to-mouth act and oral fixation which s/he used to in case of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

No Smell of Smoke

Another amazing benefit of giving preference to the e cigarette is that it does not emit any sort of annoying smoke which commonly sticks on the furniture, walls, clothes and hair. These electronic sticks offer the vanilla or strawberry flavored sweet aroma produced by e-liquids. Whereas, unlike old fashioned cigs, the scent produced by electronic cigarettes does not linger, even if, its users may wish it did!

No Residue/Ash

As no flame or combustion involved in the e cigarette, there’re no butts of cigarettes or ash to take care of. The household will surely be grateful for this! Furthermore, the risks of secondhand smoke are close to zero percent when it comes to the electronic cigs. As a matter of fact, they produce mist like smoke that is basically the vapors made of water, which disperse within several seconds.

Absolute Power to Control the Potency of Nicotine

E-liquids which are used in the electronic cigarettes come readily with diverse strengths that range from 0 to high. It lets the users of these modern devices to control the total amount of nicotine they ingest. In fact, it can also be effectively used in consistently trimming down the nicotine intake to zero.

Freedom of Smoking Nearly Anywhere, Anytime!

As there’s no danger of secondhand smoking in e cigarette, one can vape virtually anywhere and whenever s/he might want! This could include different public places like offices, hotels, bars and eateries. Now there’s no need to run away from the public spots just to take a short smoking break.

Easily Save Precious Money with Refills and Cartridges

Even though, the initial outlay to purchase a starter kit of these devices might seem a bit costly at the very first glance. However, a person will save a great deal of money when it comes to the long haul. The users of these devices merely have to purchase atomizers and e-liquids in order to keep going. The privilege to replenish the cartridge with favorite e-liquids assists in garnering sizable savings.

Safe and Environmental Friendly

Usually the discarded old fashioned cigarettes are the perpetrator of dangerous accidental fires, which endanger tens and thousands of lives, devastate properties as well as pollute environment of mother earth. But it is not an issue, in case of e cigarette as batteries which are used in it are rechargeable, plus the e-liquids are completely safe for the environment.


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