Electronic Cigarettes – A Modern Day Life Saver

Many people are aware of electronic cigarettes these days. These can be described as tar-less, odorless cigarettes which are free from nicotine as well as all the other harmful effects of the regular cigarettes. The vapor generates flavorful air in addition to the nicotine and the sensation is quite close to that of smoking tobacco.
The electronic cigarettes were created in the year 2004 by Hon Lik, a Chinese Pharmacist. He began working on it in 2000. The electronic cigarette he created was able to generate a steamy vapor which can be inhaled and enables the safe pathway for the nicotine to enter in the human bloodstream through the lungs. The element propylene glycol was used in order to dilute the nicotine and putting it in a disposable cartridge of plastic which works as both mouthpiece and a liquid container. The electronic cigarette of the present times contains all the characteristics and proves to be an adequate alternative to regular smoking.
Along with its uniqueness come many advantages since these cigarettes have been taken into consideration by all the smokers globally. The most important benefit of electronic cigarettes is the fact that they are odorless. This means that there will be no smell of the smoke anywhere on the smoker thus, proving it to be a clean and stink-less practice.
Most public places have prohibited the act of smoking as it generates a lot of smoke and thus, the odor. Thanks to electronic cigarettes, smokers can practice smoking in the open without polluting the area or disturbing others by causing passive smoking. Similarly, smoking an electronic cigarette is equal to smoking a regular one except it does not bring along the dreadful side effects. The reason is simple as the chemicals present in regular cigarettes are replaced by the vapors in the electronic cigarettes.
Other than all these other important benefits, electronic cigarettes are also known to be cheaper than the traditional ones. For smokers who have to follow a strict budget, these cigarettes serve to be an excellent as well as healthy option. The traditional cigarettes have always been costly and the cigarette industry earns billions through the manufacturing and selling. Therefore, these cigarettes are not only safe but economic too which is why they are highly recommended.
Moreover, electronic cigarettes generate non toxin vapors to be inhaled by the user. That is no way harmful as there are no chemicals present to cause possible harm to different parts of a human body. A major benefit is the fact that electronic cigarettes produce absolutely no ash. Unlike regular cigarettes which create a lot of mess inside everywhere. The presence of no ash also serves to be a prominent advantage for the community as it gets rid of the mess created by scattered ash on streets, parks and almost everywhere. Also, for the pleasure of smokers, these cigarettes are available in various flavors which one can enjoy according to their preference or mood.


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