Electronic cigarettes better than tobacco cigarettes

Tobacco smoking:

Tobacco smoking is basically the act of burning tobacco that results in inhalation of tobacco and smoke. Smoking tobacco cigarette is a very common practice around now – a – days. The smoke that is generated from the tobacco cigarettes is carcinogenic and the chemicals used in the tobacco cigarettes are also harmful for human beings. These chemicals are itself the cause of many cancer diseases.

Tar and nicotine are two harmful chemicals that are used in tobacco cigarettes. Tar is a yellow brown substance that is made of a number of different chemical particles that causes lung and throat cancer. There is present in all the tobacco cigarettes. This substance – tar also stains the lungs, teeth and fingers of the smokers.

Nicotine is that harmful chemical that is used in the tobacco cigarettes for making the tobacco cigarettes more addictive. Once a person gets addicted to nicotine, then it’s very difficult for him/her to get rid of smoking unless or until he/she try hard for getting over it. Nicotine can cause a number of problems for almost all the smokers. It increases heart rate, raise blood pressure (high BP) and also causes different types of cancers. Nicotine is such a harmful chemical that once it was used in pesticides.

A safer and better way to smoke:

For making smoking better and healthier, disposable cigarettes were introduced by the US. These disposable cigarettes were invented as an alternative to smoking that satisfies the demand of smoking of the smokers without giving any harm to them. These disposable cigarettes are also known by many other names like E cigarettes, Electronic cigarettes and PV.

Today, disposable cigarettes have gained worldwide popularity. People prefer disposable cigarettes over regular tobacco cigarettes because they are more easy and convenient to use. Disposable cigarettes have a technology that generates vapor through vaping when the disposable cigarette is started by inhalation. The vapor generated from the disposable cigarettes is more likely the smoke of the tobacco cigarette but it is not at all harmful for the smoker. It only fulfills the demand of smoke inhalation of the smoker with no harm.

Disposable cigarettes do not contain any toxins or hazardous substances that are present in tobacco cigarettes. However, at the initial level of quitting smoking ,for the satisfaction of the smokers, they can also fulfill their demand of the intake of nicotine in disposable cigarettes as well. They can select the amount of nicotine in the disposable cigarettes by themselves from high to zero.

Disposable cigarettes are also available in many flavors from different markets. They are comparatively cheaper than tobacco cigarettes as a single disposable cigarette is equal to more than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. The flavors of the disposable cigarettes that are mostly available are mint, tobacco, vanilla, menthol and chocolate.

These flavored disposable cigarettes can also be used by people who are not involved in the habit of smoking. Although, many smokers have stated that disposable cigarettes have helped them a lot in quitting tobacco smoking and they have started living a normal life.

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