Electronic Cigarettes Crushing the Tobacco Industry

Tobacco companies have benefitted from selling cigarettes in the whole world since quite a while. After the creation of the electronic cigarettes, their spotlight was undoubtedly stolen. However, for a while tobacco companies were sure that they could easily overcome the electronic cigarettes industry. Although they stayed away from raising well-funded and organized campaigns against the e-cig industry, it was in fact the pharmaceutical companies to launch these campaigns against them in order ban them for good. Ever since then, the electronic cigarettes makers have adopted aggressive ways for marketing their product in the US and the other countries around the world. These companies have even challenged large and established companies like the “Big Tobacco”, recently. The game was brought to a whole new level when tobacco experts and analysts began to realize the fact that the excessive demand for e-cigs first took away thousands of customers from the US and later millions from all around the world, from tobacco giants like RJ Reynolds and Lorillard.
After achieving the recent success, electronic cigarettes producers have begun with advertising their products in the mainstream media as a healthier alternative to smoking. This has captured the hearts of millions worldwide who are reported to have switched to the electronic cigarettes recently in order to avoid health problems in the long run. Electronic cigarettes makers are seen to be forbidding the use of the traditional cigarettes everywhere and have started campaigns against the tobacco cigarettes heavily in the US and the UK in order to raise awareness amongst the people these days.
Due to their relentless efforts, sales of the traditional cigarettes have dropped considerately mainly in the US. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the consumption of tobacco induced products fell by a whole 27% from the year 2000 and have been declining ever since. This was explained to be the direct effect of banning smoking in areas such as pubs, bars, restaurants and parks. Also, the increasing rates of tax on traditional cigarettes have led to make them an unpopular choice amongst people. Other than the tax, the original cost of these cigarettes is way more expensive which serves to make them uneconomical and at times, unaffordable.
The sales of the electronic cigarettes have increased by huge numbers and almost doubled during the recent years. According to a report, the sales were an estimated $300 million in 2012 and are expected to cross over $1 billion per year over the coming years. The sales have increased because people are now trying to avoid dreadful diseases, thanks to thousands of awareness campaigns all across the world. Many companies have tried to block imports of e-cigs globally but only ended up failing as all the cases were won subsequently. Electronic cigarettes fall into a regulatory area and state legislature is considering taxing them heavily in the long run but this only stays as a speculation.
Tobacco companies were caught off guard due to the enormous success of the electronic cigarettes industry and they now acknowledge the fact that they face strong opposition.


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