Electronic Cigarettes –The New Revolution

Electronic cigarettes, also known as the e cigarettes, have attained a vast amount of fame in different parts of the world. Created back in around 2003, not only have these cigarettes managed to acquire the ultimate attention of people but it has also surpassed the tobacco industry in terms of sales as well as popularity. This is because of the fact that these e cigarettes have much more to offer than traditional cigarettes ever did in the first place. Similar to the real cigarettes in appearance, the e cigs do not contain any kind of smoke and allow smokers to quit smoking in a short period of time.

Elimination of Health Problems

Studies have revealed that people who have started smoking the e cigs tend to feel much better since they adopt a healthy lifestyle in the long run. Heavy smokers of traditional cigarettes tend to complain about breathing problems, panting and much more, whereas individuals who switch to the e cigarettes have stated that they automatically start feeling much better in the long run. The process of quitting smoking can be rather arduous but with the help of the e cigs, it has now been made absolute possible and quite simple as well.

High End Safety

Safety must never ever be neglected. According to reports and surveys, thousands of accidents regarding fire in domestic household as well as in commercial places occur due to the usage of traditional cigarettes. They have highly flammable and can start a fire within a couple of minutes if they come in contact with something which is attracted to flames. The e cigarettes are free from this issue since they are not lit at all. This means they have produce no fire or smoke in the first place, which means that they are highly safe and can be used anywhere at any time without having to worry about anything at all.

Allowed in Public

One of the most prominent disadvantages of traditional cigarettes is the fact that they promote passive smoking. Passive smoking occurs when a smoker has others in their surroundings. Individuals who do not smoke automatically have to inhale second hand smoke simply because of the fact that they are around the smokers in the first place. E cigarettes, however, are allowed in public fully since passive smoking can really never occur through them. No smoke is released from these cigarettes since they are not even lit; therefore, smoking them in general public is highly acceptable and allowed in almost everywhere in the world these days.

Extra Benefits

Doctors have been researching regarding the e cigs in order to find out what other benefits they have to offer in the long run. Till now, it can be safely said that these cigarettes tend to help smokers to quit smoking, which is quite harmful, in the near future. Amongst the other benefits of e cigarettes, low price, no odor, no harm to the human body and no side effects are included. For those who have not yet switched onto these cigarettes are highly recommended to do so as soon as possible.


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