How electronic cigarettes surprise smokers

For a long time now electronic cigarettes have not only been a controversial product but they also have been the highlights of the market. These electrical devices are known to be a sister product of the conventional tobacco cigarettes which have been the source of many risks for users. This sister product was first introduced as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes for smokers but it is a product in the market of its own and has achieved a lot of success. Many first time smokers have a hard time picking up a tobacco cigarette but with an e cig, they easily are able to try the device out. An e cig requires people to understand the risks involved in smoking a tobacco cigarette and provides a means to become the main device used for smoking. Many people have already given their approval to the risk-less device in the market and more and more people have seemed to be interested in the device recently. An e cig contains many surprises for people especially those who have never tried out these devices before. They are far better than tobacco cigarettes taste-wise and durability-wise as well hence attract many customers for trying out. Below are some of the unknown surprises for people who wish to try them out:


Being as good as nicotine patches

E cig are considered to be as good or effective as nicotine patches since they do not contain any kind of smoke or burnt tobacco. These devices work on a mechanism quite different from the typical smoking alternatives such as patches or nicotine chewing gum. An e cig vaporizes the liquid nicotine inside the device which is then inhaled by the user Inhaling vapor is not risky as inhaling smoke is which causes damage to the lungs. Many users have been able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes sooner by using an e cig as compared to nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum.


Allowed in restaurants and other public areas

An e cig can be used in public areas where usually smoking tobacco cigarettes is banned. The reason for banning tobacco smokers was because these cigarettes produce smoke which can also harm bystanders. This is called passive smoking and not everyone is insensitive as smokers are. Some people can be asthma patients or may also have weak lungs hence many places banned the use of tobacco cigarettes. An e cig however can be used anywhere since these device so not create smoke in the first place. Many people have started to use this device regularly during their lunches and dinners at restaurants.


Allow smokers to forget about tobacco

Electronic cigarettes have enabled many people to give up tobacco smoking after awareness towards the damaging aspects of tobacco cigarettes. This product alone has been the cause of death for many people around the world and people are completely aware of the risk. Some of these people realize what they are doing is wrong hence move to alternatives and hence electronic cigarettes are the best kind of alternative available in the market.


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