Electronic Cigarettes – A Threat for the Tobacco Industry

The tobacco industry has been earning huge amounts of profits ever since the first traditional cigarettes were made. The fact that cigarettes are harmful is very well known by the public but till now, they were not given the perfect and the most suitable alternative to their problem. Some years ago, the e cigarettes were created for the convenience of all the smoker population of the world. While many were critical about them in the beginning, smokers soon realized the wide range of benefits they had to offer in the long run. Ever since then, the sakes and the profits of the electronic cigarettes industry can be seen to be increasing through every passing day.

High End Sales & Profits

Surveys have predicted that the sales for the e cigarettes are likely to touch up to a billion within some years as many individuals from all over the world are buying them. There are many reasons for that and one of the most prominent ones is the fact that these cigarettes are definitely the safer and healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Individuals can attain many diseases while smoking the traditional cigarettes for many years. Conscious smokers are the ones who have switched to e cigarettes in order to eliminate the chance of attaining any kind of diseases in the near future.

Promoted by Heath Activists & Organizations

The decline of the tobacco industry began ever since the e cigarettes came into the spotlight some years ago. The sales record have been broken and will continue to rise due to the fact that these cigarettes are being promoted by heath activists, organizations and everything as such in many parts of the world. Individuals are trying to spread the word regarding how these cigarettes can really make a change and allow people to quit smoking in a short period of time. Most of these efforts have been exceptionally effective so far.

Full Public Usage

One of the major reasons why smokers have switched to the e cigarettes is due to the fact that they are allowed to be smoked in public. Due to the fact that these cigarettes are completely smokeless, now smokers do not have any problem in taking out their electronic cigarettes in public or the purpose of taking a puff or two. This option is not given to them by the traditional cigarettes, which are prohibited to be smoked in public and not to forget the fact that they contain many harmful chemicals and substances which are thoroughly damaging.

Cheaper than Traditional Cigarettes

The tobacco industry has been creating different types of traditional cigarettes ever since in order to grab the attention of smokers from all across the globe. While countless people still buy them, they are still aware of how expensive they are in comparison with the e cigarettes. The traditional cigarettes cost twice as much as the electronic cigarettes and do not even last longer. Smokers have realized the significance of these new cigarettes by purchasing them on a large scale and that surely is bad news for the tobacco industry which is estimated to decline further in the long run.


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