Electronic Cigars; an alternative to conventional cigars

People all around the world are addicted to a number of drugs. Amongst some of these widely used drugs, the most commonly used one is tobacco. Tobacco is used in cigarettes and cigars, so that the consumers of these products keep on using them. However, according to many researches, nicotine is very hazardous for the health, as it leads to many health issues. Although, almost 70% of the consistent users of nicotine are aware of the damages made by the nicotine on the health, still they are unable to help themselves out!

People initially start using cigar just for portraying a symbol of fashion, luxury, and status, but now after a while its usage has emerge to become a disease, especially for its consistent users. The harmful chemicals used within it, including tobacco and nicotine, are very injurious for the health.

Electronic Cigars is a new option for having cigar, with fairly less harmful effects. This technological type of cigar does not carry any tobacco, tar, or even any sort of flame. So, it is somehow considered as a better alternative to the original cigars.

Difference between real cigar and the electronic cigar

One of the significant differences between the electronic cigar and the traditional cigar is that the electronic cigar is smoke-free. Although these electronic cigars tend to look and taste a lot like a real one, but they do not produce any stinky smoke or ashes, but their taste is a lot similar to the original cigars.

The popularity of the electronic cigarettes is prevailing day by day. The major reason of its following is due to the fact that the electronic cigars does not contain several chemicals, as they are already being filtered.

First Experience of having Electronic Cigars

The electronic cigars looks just like a hand-rolled Cuban at the very first glance. In fact, the overall feel of the electronic cigar is designed in such a manner that it tends to mimic the real one. The most interesting fact related to its structure is that it looks like the real cigar, and others might think that you are really smoking an original cigar.

Almost all the electronic cigars are disposable, so one is enough to get you through a few sporting events or even a full poker game. Most of these electronic cigars have fitted a red LED at the tip of one of their ends. This LED glows up when the air is being sucked in, but it is actually partially hidden behind a screen like structure, which gives the electronic cigar an ash like appearance.

However, if you intend to go for using an electronic cigar, then go for a high priced one. This is because a high priced cigar will carry better and more refined internal components, which will give you a better and a luxurious vaping experience. These more efficient components will filter out many of the prominent hazardous chemicals that are a major concern for the real cigars.



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