Electronic cigars and cigarettes, the options are endless

With all the known health risks of cigarettes and cigars, it comes as no surprise that their electronic counterparts are gaining popularity at a rate of knots. However, with all the options available it is easy to be confused and indecisive. Choosing an electronic cigar or cigarette is much the same as selecting a traditional cigar or cigarette. One has to decide on what flavour suits and what nicotine strength is required. Of course, with traditional cigars and cigarettes, this choice is somewhat limited. This is not the case when purchasing an electronic cigar or cigarette.


Finding the right flavour


Not only does an electronic cigar or cigarette have many options in terms of outer casing, chargers and carry cases, one can also be confused with the selection of flavours and nicotine strength available. Selecting a flavour for one’s electronic cigar or cigarette comes down to personal preference. An apple flavour for an electronic cigarette or Cuban for an electronic cigar may appeal to some but not others, so the availability of many flavours allows for one to find that perfect fit. A number of companies have flavour sets that can be purchased with one’s unit that can provide a nice selection from which to choose one’s favourite flavour. Should a certain flavour not be available, one can get their very own customised flavour made up. Finding the correct nicotine strength can be a bit more difficult.


Nicotine strength


When selecting the nicotine strength for one’s electronic cigar or cigarette may prove to be a daunting task but much like shopping for anything, the right option is out there. If the nicotine strength is too low, one will be puffing more to gain the nicotine required to feel satisfied. This, of course, leads to a higher cost of cartridges as one will burn through these a lot quicker than if the nicotine strength was increased a bit. If the nicotine strength is too high, then the experience will be too intense. This may lead to one reverting back to traditional cigars or cigarettes and all the health risks that go along with it. The experience of using an electronic cigar or cigarette needs to be similar to that of the real thing or one would have spent a lot of money on a unit that will not be used.


A number of electronic cigar and cigarette suppliers have guidelines indicating what strength of cigarette or cigar would translate to nicotine liquid. This would be a good place to start. Select the nicotine strength which applies to one’s level of smoking and then tweak the strength from there to find the right match. If the goal of using and electronic cigar or cigarette is to wean off nicotine altogether then one can start at their current level of strength and work their way down at a pace that suits them. This is a method that has worked for many people and can certainly be applied to quit once and for all.


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