Why Electronic Cigars should be preferred?

In order to eliminate the conventional smoking from the society, many companies are inclined to produce several products that are destined to replace these highly toxic items. One of these widely used items includes cigar.

Many adopted the habit of cigar in order to relieve their tension, while others took it as fashion. However, its consumption prevailed day by day, and now it has somehow emerged to become an addictive disease in our society. The highly addictive nicotine that is used in cigars is very injurious to health. It is expected to raise the heart beat, and eventually the blood pressure of its user. This may even lead to various heart diseases, and sometimes even death!

In order to take the privilege of having a cigar, without suffering from its health hazards, many companies have formulated a safer device, known as an ‘Electronic Cigar’.

What is an Electronic Cigar?

Electronic Cigar is basically a small device that looks like an original cigar. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. This device uses a liquid solution to deliver nicotine to the consumer. This is actually delivered in the form of inhaled vapor. Its tip carries a material that emits light, whenever the smoker inhales through the mouth piece of this device.

The major cause of the popularity of Electronic Cigar is that it does not yield tobacco, tar, and other cancer causing chemicals.

However, the most crucial issue lies when deciding which Electronic Cigar should be used? Although, the disposable Electronic Cigar is fairly cheaper, but for serious Electronic Cigar consumers, the rechargeable Electronic Cigar is more economical.

What is the difference between an Electronic Cigar and ordinary Cigars?

Although the shape of an Electronic Cigar is approximately same as that of original Cigar, but there are some structural and functional differences among them. Some essential differences between the electronic cigar and normal cigars are described as follows:

  • Electronic Cigar does no transfer tar, or any other sort of carcinogenic substance, into the human body. This is because it only carries small concentrations of nicotine, which can be further adjusted.
  • It is quite harmless for other people and the environment as well, because it does not carry any danger of second-hand smoking.
  • As it does not produce any ash, fire, or smoke, that’s why it can be conveniently used in No-Smoking Zones. The most amazing part is that this smoke-less electronic cigar can be fully enjoyed without bothering others.
  • No ignition is required, so it does not contain a number of harmful toxins that are usually found in common cigars.
  • Electronic Cigar offers a chance to help eliminate smoking non-painfully.
  • There are various flavors available in the market, which makes the taste of electronic cigars even more alluring. Moreover, the consumer may also chose the type of flavor for his electronic Cigar.
  • Many electronic cigars are disposable. This means they can last for a longer period of time, but the original cigars can only be used for a short period of time.


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