Electronic Cigars all the way!

With the awesome emergence of the electronic cigar in the market, sophistication has reached a new high. More and more cigar aficionados are now switching to smoking an electronic cigar instead of the real thing because without there is no ash, smoke, or any leftover stink! When was the last time someone ever finished a whole cigar? The truth is that most people just take up to 10 drags and throw out the rest. Is that a waste or what?

So the big question is, in comparison how does an electronic cigar taste?

An electronic cigar gives one the exact taste of a Havana or a Cuban cigar in the Corona style. However, it tends to have even more flavor and instead of the smoke there is a flavored vapor that leaves the taste of the tobacco leaf on one’s lips.

With newbies and long term smokers alike, vaping has become much more enjoyable than smoking. It is actually doing more than just stimulating the real smoking experience as it offers more and better flavor as well as satisfaction while all the while having its very own individuality. It does not matter if one is an occasional premium cigar smoker or one who indulges in a puff or two once in a while as the pleasure of just the experience of sitting back and taking in the scent as well as the flavor is great.

Mostly newbies miss out on the complete experience of enjoying a cigar so it’s better that they learn how to use on do as to enjoy its full effect. The following are some tips that one can use when smoking cigars so as to learn some of the basics.

Just by holding a cigar gives one a sense of power and it is no surprise that all action movies of today as well as yesterday may have a part in influencing this reaction, but still it sharpens a person’s wits and makes them feel more at ease. Research has concluded the younger male demographics have started taking joy in smoking cigars and are now actually favoring the electronic cigar over the real thing. It is also a fact that most cigar smokers are not cigarette smokers, they are either one of them or not.

Smoking a cigar is also considered to be a status symbol of being a more sophisticated and smarter person in today’s society. The youngsters of today are dialed into this era and have embraced it completely, spanning all of the social and ethnic classes. What these younger enthusiasts are not doing is that they do not enjoy an entire cigar; they just take one to fifteen puffs at most.  Since cigars go stale quite quickly, one cannot really save them for later. One has to treat them like a living thing, keeping in mind that once they are out of the humidor or wrapper, they begin to die. So it is better that these young people take advantage of the whole thing.


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