Enter the world of e-cigars

In the world of electronic cigarettes there has been a new addition and that is of the e cigar. And the best way to differentiate between a real cigar and an e cigar is by the absence of the horrible stink. These devices stimulate both the feel and the look of an actual Cuban and have made possible for one to enjoy a remarkable tasting cigar while having a go at poker. However, the e cigar has quite the big shoes to fill as conventional cigar smokers cannot be easily won over.

The experience of buying an e cigar for the first time is quite surprising. This is due to the realistic qualities of the wrappers and the packaging. Usually e cigar vendors tend to put in a little money and effort so as to make these electronic devices look exactly like their conventional counterparts before one even begins to pick one of these up from the package. The overall feel and look of an original cigar is also stimulated through the feeling of the paper and the even weight balance that are added. When seeing from a short distance, one cannot even tell that these devices have an electronic nature. Only the absence of ash and smoke is what gives them away.

Most of the time electronic cigars are disposable, so they’ll last for quite some time, months even. In order to mimic an actual cigar’s ash, an e cigar has a LED tip, partially hidden behind a kind of screen. These electronic devices have gained quite a bit of popularity these days, essentially because of the fact that they offer one the convenience of smoking a cigar without having to upset the people around them. This is because usually the scent or smell of the cigar is what only the person smoking it appreciates, while others just consider it as stink.

Though generally any cigar lover would want to draw on a good tobacco cigar at a poker game inside their homes or at a bar of some sort, but those days are long gone.

The main way that a person tests an e cig is through its vapor and of course flavor. A traditional cigar has the attribute of producing a ton of smoke, while having a smell and taste that is very distinct. So it is quite obvious that an electronic cigar would have to have or replicate these attributes as much as it can. It would have to do so by producing a lot of vapor and giving a lot of flavor.

Also, the specific technique by which a cigar is puffed needs to be considered as well. An electronic cigar should address this as well. The definition of a good electronic cigar is one that offers strong flavor to the user while not giving even a whiff or hint of smell to the people around. Electronic cigars should be able to stimulate the cigar smoking experience so that users may want to try them out.


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