Facts about e cigar

Even the though the percentage of people switching to the e cigar is growing there is still little awareness about many as about e smoking and many users are skeptical about its safety and health .A detailed analysis of its health risks and benefits is important before bringing it to use.

Controversial facts:

Many people believe as the e cigaris camouflaged as safe and healthy many users who are not chain smokers will opt for nicotine inhalation through the e cigar thinking that it would not harm them. There is still an amount of nicotine chemical present in the cartridges and the user can increase the e liquid amount as they wish. This could lead to further damage in the body. Nicotine is an addictive chemical, which destroys the insulin levels in the blood leading to increased risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Moreover, since the e cigars can be smoked everywhere people will be able to smoke them freely even in places where there is a ban on smoking. The increased online and print media advertisements will display a positive aspect of smoking among young people and will show that smoking is a harmless activity. Moreover, the manufacturers of the cigars do not print safety precautions on their labels and do not provide test results of the cigar to regulatory bodies and therefore there is a concern.

Health facts:

The European association believes that the electric cigar can save lives as they highlighted in their annual conference that one out of five Americans die of smoking related diseases and millions of them could be saved if they switch to the e cigar.

E cigardoes not release smoke it releases vapor instead, which makes it safe to use even around infants and pregnant mothers. They can save children from childhood related diseases caused by excessive smoking. Moreover, the British medical Association called electric cigar the most effective way of saving people from nicotine addiction, as users do not accept nicotine patches and gums to curb their smoking needs rather desire something closer to a real cigar. In addition, the users can choose the amount of nicotine in the e cigar patches which makes it convenient to use around everyone.

Portability and ease

E cigar is the smoking element that can be used everywhere even in countries like turkey and the U.S where there is a ban on smoking thee cigar can be carried around everywhere. Its various components like cartridges and charger do not make it any less portable than a regular cigar as the charging can last for several minutes and disposable e cigars are available which are a one-piece construction and can be started by the simple push of a button. Moreover, it is cheaper than regular cigar and can be used for many sessions and last for several days; once the kit is purchased the user only pays for the cartridges therefore it is a one-time investment.

With proper regulation and doctor’s advice the electric cigar can be a life saver for many.


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