The favorite flavors of electronic smoking

Electronic cigarettes have variations of different kinds which also include different kind of flavors for users. There have been many exotic flavors introduced by different companies all to gain more market and attract smokers who wish to divert to these devices. An e cig enables a person to prevent any damages caused to his or her physical self. These devices have been introduced in the market with the intent of replacing the smoking industry with safer devices which have proven to be perfect alternatives up till now. Many heavy smokers have realized the fact that their lives could be improved by just changing their preferences from tobacco cigarettes to electronic devices which provide vapors to users to inhale instead of brunt tobacco smoke and tar. The advantages of using an e cig as compared to conventional cigarettes are unlimited hence many doctors and other professionals have convinced themselves mentally that if none other method works, then their final resort is an e cig which helps smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. In order to attract customers of every age and kind, manufacturers have introduced in the market different flavors. Below are some of the most noticeable kinds:


Spiced Rum

A different and unique flavor is spiced rum which is not common amongst all the manufacturers of the e cig device. The flavor is tingling and different from all the other fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes. Many adults who like trying out new and different flavors go for this flavor especially when they are out enjoying themselves outdoors or are with a group of friends. Not many people use this flavored liquid on a regularly basis but keep it with them for special times. Spice rum is a strong flavor hence it is not suggested for young adults who use e cig devices to try this flavor out.


Red wine

Another favorite flavor is red wine which is also a unique flavor not available from all manufacturers. This flavor is usually available in disposable cigarettes and is used on one off occasions. Regular users are fans of red wine. Feminine users of e cig devices prefer to keep a pack of red wine flavored cartridge in their bags or purses when they are out of the house for the evening. The flavor is light in nature and is enjoyed by people of all age.



One of the unique fruit flavored electronic cigarettes is peach which has been revolving around the market for quite some time now and demand of it has increased with time. Peach is a strong fruit-flavored liquid nicotine which allows people to taste the vaporized air very distinctively. They enjoy the taste since it is sweet and sour at the same time. Not many fruits have the same kind of effect and hence peach takes the toll on everyone with its uniqueness. Generally many other fruit flavored electronic cigarettes are used as well however peach has taken the most votes amongst e cig users.


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