Flavored E liquids in Electronic Cigarettes

In electronic cigarettes, the juice that is used for producing vapor is known as E liquid. E liquid is also known as E juice. With the help of the atomizer, the E liquid is heated up for providing the taste, sensation and the same feeling of smoking. There are many best disposable cigarettes all over the world but the vaping experience can not be satisfied without any good quality E liquid.

In markets, E liquid is available in bottles and in pre – filled disposable cartridges as well. An E liquid is a solution that is made of propylene glycol, usually known as vegetable glycerin or polyethylene glycol 400 mixed with flavors and sometimes also with a little percentage of nicotine concentrate.

Flavors if E liquid:

E liquid is basically a liquid that is used in disposable cigarettes and it contains flavors and some specific amount of nicotine. E liquid helps in producing smoke from disposable cigarettes. E liquid is available in both natural and artificial flavors. The flavors of the E liquid vary from place to place depending on the demand of the people. Mostly e liquid is made of vegetable glycerin (VG) base and propylene glycol (PG) but at many times, a small amount of distilled water or alcohol is also added to the flavorings to contribute of throat hit. Natural flavors are added to the E liquid to give it flavors. These natural flavors are extracted from flavor concentrates. These natural flavors are mostly the same flavors that are also used in foods and candies. The most commonly used flavors of E liquid in electronic cigarettes are menthol, tobacco, vanilla, mint, coffee, cola and the flavors of different fruits.

What is throat hit?

In the back of the throat a sensation is felt when the vapor generated from the E cigarette is inhaled. This sensation is known as throat hit. In the starting days of vaping, usually people feel that they are inhaling air rather than the smoking sensation that satisfy them as compared to real tobacco cigarettes. The throat hit is for the purpose to make a person feel like if he/she is smoking a real cigarette. Throat hit gives the feeling and sensation of a real cigarette that help people a lot in switching from regular tobacco cigarettes with E cigarettes.

Is E liquid safe?

The components that are used in E liquid are known safe because these components are used in many household and food products. It has been researched that vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol that are used in E liquid are safe. But E liquid should never be used by the people who are underage and who those who can’t tolerate the intake of nicotine. E liquid should be used by adults who are 18 plus. The E liquid used in E cigarettes are not for under age  people. So, just because E liquid is safe, many people are switching to E cigarettes containing flavors as an alternative to smoking and are trying to quit smoking.

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