Flavored electronic cigarettes famous amongst youngsters

One of the main attractions of an electronic cigarette is its customization for its users. Electronic cigarettes are not only available in its classic look in the markets. In fact, with increasing demand, electronic cigarettes have evolved in terms of designs, flavors and feel. This factor has attracted various youngsters to try out electronic cigarettes instead of the normal tobacco cigarettes.


Tobacco cigarettes are famous for being harmful towards health. Smokers, especially heavy tobacco cigarette smokers have found themselves with various oral infections and at risk of having lung cancer since these cigarettes contain harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is the only consented form of killing and is the sole reason for hundreds of people dying every year. Many heavy smokers, after being warned by their doctors, have switched to electronic cigarettes in order to give up the practice of smoking tobacco cigarettes. A study has confirmed that majority of the people who switch to electronic cigarettes with the motive to quit smoking, have been successful in doing so.


Electronic cigarettes have been a blessing especially when it comes to young teenagers smoking at early ages. Teenagers who choose to smoke electronic cigarettes are not harmed in any way since electronic cigarettes contain liquid nicotine instead of tobacco and tar. With the various designs and flavors introduced by electronic cigarette manufacturers, teenagers are even more compelled to choose electronic cigarettes instead of the traditional cigarettes.


Manufacturers have invented various flavors of the liquid nicotine used in these devices. Users inhale this liquid nicotine which is turned into vapor and resembles smoke from a traditional cigarette. Some manufacturers have introduced more than fifteen flavors for the liquid nicotine which has attracted a huge market including youngsters. Some of the flavors for the liquid nicotine include strawberry, chocolate crème, the all time favorite ice menthol, vanilla, coffee, green apple, etc. With a variety of flavors, electronic cigarette users are able to establish their preferences and pick a favorite. Flavored liquid nicotine fluids are also available as refills which allow a person smoking green apple continue smoking the same flavor.


Flavored liquid nicotine has attracted many youngsters to try electronic cigarettes and quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. This has gone in their advantage since their health is protected and they are not at risk of developing harmful oral infections which are common amongst tobacco smokers.


With an increasing demand in flavored liquid nicotine, electronic cigarette manufacturers conduct surveys to help them establish which flavor the consumer market would like to smoke. These manufacturers are coming up with new flavors on a daily basis and also keep the preferences of feminine smokers along with young smokers. Chocolate is one of the most popular flavored liquid nicotine amongst young electronic cigarette smokers whereas feminine electronic cigarette users prefer raspberry or lime. For first time smokers, starter kits are also available with choices of different flavored liquid nicotine, allowing them to purchase a starter kit which they are bound to like.


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