Flavors of E cigarettes

Flavors are an option with e cigarettes as they offer the users a choice to select them as per their desire. The E cigarettes are electronic inhalers which vaporize a liquid solution into an aerosol spray. The person using an E cigarette has the similar feeling as if smoking a real conventional tobacco cigarette. There are several similarities between conventional cigarettes and E cigarettes; the prominent difference is that e cigarette is that it has some additional components like atomizer, magnetic adaptor, battery, cartridges etc.
Unlike the conventional tobacco cigarettes E cigarettes have the advantage that they are available in many different types of flavors. Flavored e cigarettes are an attractive new product which provides a healthier and safer way to smoke. Each day more and more people are tending towards the use of e cigarettes as they are not as much harmful to human health as the tobacco cigarettes. As e cigarette is providing many different flavors so people enjoy its use. There is cartridge in e cigarette design. This cartridge can be refilled and used again. This is how the user can experience different flavors in e cigarette.
E cigarettes are available in more than two hundred different types of flavors. These are liquid in nature and are commonly known as e liquids. Each flavor of e cigarette is available in seven different nicotine densities. In this way there is a total of above fourteen hundred different flavors of e cigarettes. Usually there is a liquid base and then there are further flavors in it. The liquid bases may be tobacco, herbs, e juices, beverages, Chinese and health care.
Strengths of the flavors
Four different intensities of these flavors have been introduced which are low, medium, high and extra high flavor densities of the e Liquid products. The user can select the e Liquid flavor strength one needs to meet the special needs.
The low flavor density of e liquids gives soft and gentle strength of flavor. The medium density of e liquids gives medium and average strength of flavor. The high density of e liquids gives even more flavor of e liquid. While extra high flavor density of e liquid provides very intense flavor of the e liquid. Because of these varieties of flavors and further their densities enable the person to use any flavor of e cigarette according to need and mood. Sometimes strength of flavor is very high that can be reduced by adding diluents. The base liquids act as the diluents.
Moreover e cigarettes not only have much different kind of flavors and e liquid densities they also have different quantity of nicotine present in each type of flavor. This is advantageous because some people may not be interested in inhaling nicotine which contains a lot many toxic and harmful chemicals.
Flavored e cigarettes are not like conventional tobacco cigarettes. The e liquids are inhaled just like vapors of different flavors. Smoking flavored e cigarette is very enjoyable and delightful experience.


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