Future of E-Cigarettes in the Tobacco Industry

There has been rising increase of supporters and disclaimers for the added family member of the tobacco industry- Electronic Cigarettes. What seemed like a green signal for habitual smokers in order to continue smoking without major health risks is not quite how the recent researchers are depicting e-cigarette usage. It claimed to be a non-addictive and health risk smoking experience but it turns out that having nicotine in it determines the probability of having some level of addiction for its users. The future of e-cigarettes as forecasted is outlined below-

1)      Increasing popularity in regions of America and Europe-

As electronic cigarettes do not have harmful chemicals and toxins that cause cancer or consist of arsenic or tar the increasing popularity in America and Europe has been noted widely. Online websites and forums increased searches of the product along with wide marketing of different brands of electronic cigarettes competing strongly with each other. The safety of e-cigarettes is considered to be far greater than conventional cigarette which is why it can be used in most public places. However, France plans to ban e-cigarettes from public places in the future.

2)      Higher quality control checks due to mishaps and accidents-

Some electronic cigarette brands have proved to be dangerous and life threatening for its users. Faulty e-cigarettes resulted in events of explosion while being smoked. The explosions have been severe enough to cause second degree face burns to the victims. Such incidents reported have led to serious considerations of whether e-cigarettes should be allowed for regular use and distribution or not. But even with reported accidents, e-cigarettes have a wide following by its customers and source of referrals. The posted popularity of e-cigarettes is unaffected however quality control systems for avoiding such accidents have been accelerated.

3)      Sales expected to double in the next decade-

The quality control measures that are being practised after published accidents have made e-cigs more accepted widely for its battery and electrical safety. The loyal customer base has been increasing ever since and future forecast depict that sales of electronic cigarettes are expected to beat that of traditional cigarettes. E cigs have been satisfying the wholesalers and retailers as well due to the fat revenues that are gained against the product. It is being termed as cash cow or what beverages are in the market, easily sellable, profitable, rapid growth and customer acceptance.

4)      Success stories of smoking quitters on the rise-

As many ex-smokers of conventional tobacco cigarettes have written down success stories online, in magazine, newspapers and books the rising increase of smoker converts is a positive contribution. With this impact even those countries that did not allow sales of e-cigs are seen re considering the decision as health deteriorated through conventional cigarettes is far greater than that of e-cigs. The law which restricts age limit of smokers can easily monitor under age boys and girls due to its sales system and purchase points which are monitored extensively. Thus, chances of e-cigs falling in the wrong hands are minimal.


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