Getting the most out of one’s e- cigarette juice

There are some tips that one can use if they want to get the most out of their e cig experience. This mainly has to do with the juice. The following are some of these various tips:


Firstly, one should let their electronic cigarette juice steep for at least three to ten days. Though most users are a bit skeptical about steeping, it actually does work wonders. It can be noticed that after a few days have passed, the color of the juice might seem a bit dark and often this results in a better tasting juice as all of the flavors get combined. This has got something to do with the nicotine oxidizing, but other than that it is still not known as to why this happens. So, one’s juice should taste better if its left to steep for a while.  Secondly, it is favorable to shake one’s bottle of juice once in a while as this ensures that one gets all of the flavors evenly every time they smoke their e cig.


Thirdly, it is recommended that one should buy pure PG or VG with their nicotine to down on their liquids. This allows strong flavored juiced to be made that last longer. The VG is known to add a bit of boost to the vapor and if one’s juice has less of PG or VG, they can add more nicotine to it. Fourthly, if one likes to get more of a throat hit, they can try adding pure grain alcohol such as Ever clear. They should initially start by adding just a drop or two, and then set the amount according to their liking.


Fifthly, dark juice is also known to gum up one’s atomizer quite more than if one is using light or a clear colored juice.  So one has to make sure that they clean out their regularly. Also, juices come in different viscosities from various vendors so one can easily experiment with all of these that are available and find the one that they like best. Some people also say that one should store their juice in a dark place. This is because exposure to light can cause a lot of problems and even change the flavor.


And lastly, one should start experimenting by using and buying sample packs from as many vendors as they possibly can.  This will allow them to find the best juice that is available and define the flavors that they like. A thing to remember though is that one should try to avoid juices that have diacetyl, this is because this chemical is known to cause kung damage when it is inhaled. So it is better that one uses products before checking thoroughly exactly what ingredients have been used when they were manufactured, just to stay on the safe side.

So these are the tips that an e cig user should definitely try out and enjoy by getting the most out of their respective smoking experience.


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