Guide to e cigar:

E cigars are a blooming sensation in the nicotine market. They are considered the safest form of nicotine consumption however; most people are unaware of their usages and are afraid to consume it due to that lack of knowledge.

What is e cigar?

E cigar is an electrical smoking element, which produces nicotine in the form of vapor. It was introduced as an alternative to regular cigar and first manufactured in 2007. The construction of the e cigar is such that it contains an atomizer, a batter, cartridge, and other components. The atomizer helps to heat up the liquid and the cartridge is where the e liquid is stored. The e liquid is the liquid nicotine, which is used in the cartridges. Unlike other cigars, the e cigar does not burn to produce smoke rather it uses electrical energy to transform e liquid into vapor, which is inhaled by the user. In appearance it looks like a regular cigar and performs, more or less the same function the only seemingly difference is the effects on the human body that it has.

Why was the e cigar it invented?

E cigar was invented to eradicate tobacco smoking and inculcate healthier nicotine habits. One out of five people in America die of tobacco addiction and after the ban on public smoking in the USA, there had to be a healthier product to curb the smoking needs.

1) According to the European association, the e cigar is free of tobacco and tar, which can save millions of smokers to die of tobacco related diseases. The Boston university of public health claimed that in their research of 222 smokers 33 percent of them said that they had no benefit from nicotine patches and gums however e cigarette helped them to get rid of tobacco more. They claimed that they might never smoke tobacco again. Tobacco smoking leads to many diseases.

2) It is Cost effective:

The tobacco cigarette has to be bought every time it is consumed and one has to pay for each time it is bought. However, the e cigar kit is bought once, one only has to pay once, and afterwards just the cost of the e liquid has to be born. The e liquid cartridges come in all cost depending on the company of the cigar.

Disposable cigar:

One important thing to know is that e cigar does not always come in kits they also come in disposable cigs that have all the components built in. A regular e cigar can last up to 500 puffs depending on the company. Disposable e cigs are the best testers to see which cigar suits the consumer best. All e cig companies produce cigarettes in varying flavors and scents and disposable cigars can help the person decide which flavor is most suitable to his taste buds as unlike tobacco cigarettes the e cig has varying choices in cigs such as cherry melon, watermelon, chocolate, coffee, apple, lemon, pineapple, strawberry, and mint and off course tobacco.


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