Guide to e cigar

Electric cigars being battery-powered devices require no flame to burn and release no smoke. The may seem like regular cigars but they are very different with their tobacco free constituents and harmless odor, they are merely an electrical appliance like any other electrical appliance in the market. They may come with a chargeable or rechargeable battery and are readily available in stores all over the world.

How it works:

The three main parts of an e cigar are the atomizer, battery, and cartridges, when the user inhales the ecigar the vaporization chamber that contains the cartridges activates the atomizer through the rechargeable battery and that is how nicotine is inhaled from its cartridges just like in a regular cigar. One must attach the cartridge before use because that is not attached or built in.

Health benefits

E cigar is the ultimate alternative to the deadly tobacco cigar, as it does not contain the cancer causing carcinogens or deadly chemicals present in the tobacco cigar. In some countries like Austria, e cigaris sold as a pharmaceutical product readily available in stores. One can choose the amount of nicotine in an e cigar; therefore, the quantity can be lessened day by day until the user is rid of nicotine cessation. Moreover, users who switched from tobacco to e cigars displayed signs improved health as they had reduced phlegm and coughing, better sleep, better appetite, elevated heartbeat, reduced depression and hypertension and less mood swings. Although, the FDA has not approved of it as a legal pharmaceutical product and much debate is going on regarding the contamination in their cartridges, users have been using e cigar all over the world and no harmful constituents have been found in its cartridge’s since 2009. Many organizations such as the BMA claimthat  although thy would prefer the use of nicotine patches and gums they are not suitable for chain smokers as they would want an alternative that is closest to a cigar and only e cigars can curb their smoking needs.


Disposable e cigar:

There are different kinds of electric cigars, disposable and rechargeable. Disposable cigars require no recharging as they are only to be useduntil their built in cartridge remains and their till their puffs last. One electronic cigar can have as many as 500 puffs depending quantity of the e liquid and the quality standards of the company. Disposable cigars are a one-piece construction with a built in atomizer,cartridge,battery, and non-detachable parts. The disposable e cigar does not come with a kit as all the components are built in therefore it is lightweight and extremely portable, and just like any regular cigar it comes in all flavors such as watermelon, peach, chocolate, cherry, mint, pineapple, apple, melon and off course tobacco. Disposable cigars are slightly expensive than regular electric cigars but for people who smoke occasionally they are the best buy.

Therefore, e cigar is a simple to use electronic device in place of the traditional tobacco, which is not only portable and easy to use, but among its many features, it is also healthy.


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