Harms of Nicotine to Health

Nicotine is a widely used drug present in traditional cigarettes. By taking tobacco through the use of cigarettes nicotine gets released into the blood of the consumers. By traveling from lungs to the brain, nicotine stimulates dopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter related to brain functions such as the desire for food and mood of the person. By having a close relation to mood related factors, nicotine plays an important role in relaxing the consumer in extreme state of depression. That is why chain smokers find it difficult to quit smoking, they get addicted to nicotine and the regular intake of nicotine helps them get relaxed. Nicotine is strongly addictive drug for its users when the user quits smoking or intake of nicotine he experiences uneasiness, anxiety at very high level and mood swing, which becomes extremely difficult to control. One cannot deny or overlook the adverse effects of regular intake of nicotine; it increases the chances of getting cancer of lungs, throat and stomach, and however the other organs of the body are not safe even. It increases the blood pressure, which as a result damages the heart and makes the consumer victim of other serious heart diseases as well. That is why it is correctly said that traditional smokers die early.
Keeping in mind the above disastrous factors of smoking, Vapor King a brand of electronic cigarettes brought a safe solution for the smokers. Manufacturers of Vapor King consist of regular smokers who understand the experience of smoking very well and know how to satisfy the need of smoking. By the first puff of the Vapor King the consumer experiences a thick vapor just like the real vapor of traditional cigarettes. So far the consumers of Vapor King have strongly favored the experience of using this new electronic cigarette; this has increased its market value even more. From outside the shape and color of this electronic cigarette is similar to conventional cigarettes in every possible way. Vapor King is a battery operated and rechargeable product which functions by releasing nicotine through the vapor in the form of smoke. This process of inhalation is just like traditional smoking experience which satisfies the craving of the consumer in the similar way. The smoke like vapor of this electronic cigarette is free of harmful chemicals, such a star and carbon monoxide and other damaging chemicals usually found in conventional cigarettes. By switching to Vapor King, one can save money which gets wasted in the use of conventional cigarettes. This odorless and smoke free product is very easy to use anywhere anytime now.
The making of the Vapor King is done in such a unique way that the consumer can now control the strength of nicotine intake. It depends on the consumer how much nicotine he wants to take in; the cartridges of the Vapor King are available containing nicotine in different amounts and some are even available containing no nicotine at all. This is a huge advantage over other electronic cigarette and traditional cigarettes in market and strong enough to replace the use of any other cigarettes.

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