Hazard of smoking tobacco

Tobacco is the single major cause that causes death shortly or lately giving rise to different incurable diseases. Tobacco contains very harmful chemical nicotine that is such a high addictive drug that quitting it always becomes real hard. The use of tobacco can cause many problems like heart and blood vessel problems, blood clotting, heart attacks, high blood pressure, tooth and gum diseases, lung cancer, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, blood cancer, etc.

As tobacco addiction is something that a person can never get rid of even he/she try so. The one way that can help a smoker in quitting tobacco is the use of Electronic cigarettes. The Electronic cigarettes were introduced in 2007 by the US market as an alternative for smoking tobacco. The Electronic cigarettes are also known as E cigarettes. They are the electronic devices, which with just a push on the start button provide inhaled doses of nicotine by the use of vaporized glycol mixture. Most probably the Electronic cigarettes look similar to the regular tobacco cigarettes, but from inside they are way too different from regular tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are not dangerous for health as they contain no tobacco. The Electronic cigarettes are designed in such a way that when the liquid is heated up, it turns into a vapor. As it is inhaled, the nicotine – filled vapor is taken in. Electronic cigarettes are almost the same as regular tobacco cigarettes without the unpleasant smoke, odor and ash like regular cigarettes have.

It has been suggested in advertisement that Electronic cigarettes are healthier and far better than regular tobacco cigarettes as they are 100 percent free of tar. In Electronic cigarettes, an ingredient propylene glycol is used that is also used in many other applications like medicines, asthma inhalers, in sterilizing drinking water, cosmetic products, etc. But in Electronic cigarettes, it is used for providing smoke. An electronic cigarette doesn’t provide real smoke like regular cigarettes do.

It has been proved in an experiment that while using Electronic cigarettes, during vaping, the levels of the inconstant organic compounds are substantially lower as compared to the regular smoking of tobacco cigarettes. This study proves that the E cigarette vapor is safer than the smoke of tobacco cigarettes.

There are many Electronic cigarettes available now of different brands providing different qualities. Some are cheaper and some are a bit more expensive but as compared to regular tobacco cigarettes, Electronic cigarettes are always cheaper as a single Electronic cigarette is equal to two packs of regular tobacco cigarette. These Electronic cigarettes are also available in four different levels of nicotine – high, medium, low and zero. Different Electronic cigarette companies are providing different flavors of E cigarettes just for change for their customers. Most demanding flavors available are menthol, vanilla, mint and tobacco.

Many scientists and other experts have given their opinion that Electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes. Without any doubt, the Electronic cigarettes can save millions of lives and can also help people in quitting tobacco smoking.


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