Hazards of Smoking for Young People

Young people particularly teenagers start off smoking due to peer pressure to adjust and be acknowledged But they never realize the damage that tobacco does to them. Studies show that smoking has caused early signs of heart disease and stroke.Smoking from a young age can result in early menopause in middle-aged women. Smoking is a common cause of erectile dysfunction in men, in many cases so severe that it cannot be treated by medication

It has been proven that the resting heart rates of young adult smokers are 2 to 3 beats per minute faster than non-smokers. 29% of the traditional tobacco cigarette is composed of nicotine makes a person hyperglermic and reduces the flow of sugar in the blood and causes cholesterol Smoking severely affects the lung function and damages the alveoli which leads to respiratory problems in the near future .Smoking increases the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

The cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. Most of these elements are carcinogenic, and can initiate cancer.As studies by WHO( World Health Organization) have proven that teenagers who smoke suffer three times as much shortness of breath than those who do not. In the long run smoking could also prove to be fatal.

However, fortunately, for their tender age there is an alternative to the traditional tobacco which is e cigs. The electronic cigarette is free from tobacco and contains liquid nicotine in its liquid which once exhale leaves the body as vapour and does not cause a harm e cigs lack the lethal chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette. One can choose the amount of nicotine in the e cigs and young people with proper guidance may take as minimum as possible. This will largely reduce the risk of suffering from deadly tobacco related diseases. Also according to the Boston School of public health study e cigs were declared more safe and healthy, and that the level of cancer causing carcinogens in e cigarettes is a 1000  times lower than the tobacco cigarette.

Another benefit of e cigs is that they can be used as a nicotine replacement therapy. With proper regulatory work the amount of nicotine cane be lowered day by day till a point that a person can transition to nicotine free e cigs and completely overcome nicotine fixation an aid to quit smoking. Studies by the Boston School of public health proved that 31% ut of 222 people found e cigs effective in helping them quit while there was a much lesser positive outcome of nicotine patches and gums. The e cigarettes may help to decrease the morality and morbidly rate therefore countries such as Austria have declared the e cigs as a pharmaceutical product.

E cigs do not produce any smoke therefore people surrounding the smokers do not become victims of passive smoking therefore it is environmental friendly.Children exposed to second-hand smoke are at high risk for all of the same medical risks as their family members who smoke. They are also more likely to have behavioural problems.

Therefore we can say that although young people who are non smokers must not adapt any kind of smoking habits but those who are already chain smokers of the deadly tobacco, may switch to a much healthier lifestyle by opting for e cigs.

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