Hazards of tobacco smoking

Tobacco is driven from a plant named itself a tobacco, while its leaves are also used by people for chewing, sniffing and smoking in different varieties.  Tobacco carries addictive substance such as nicotine and another 19 to 20 type of toxic chemical materials which can cause the cancer. If one knows the accurate hazards of tobacco smoking, he or she may quit the use as well. When the usage of tobacco, tar or nicotine is often, it increases the chances of health problem too.  Blood vessels and heart problem, cancer (like lungs, mouth, breast, bladder, kidney and many more) and infertility are the few diseases which can be occurred due to tobacco smoking.  The people who turn out to be smokeless smokers in spite of quitting tobacco still face a number of health problems. Even those people who are not smoking yet they are surrounded by smokers can have a heart attack, lung cancer and sudden reaction to eyes, ears and throat etc.

E cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are the metal bodied cigarette design in order to copy the original ones. They are filled with nicotine laced liquid which works with the vaporized battery power. Its batteries are chargeable.  E cigarettes appear to be less harmful than the tobacco cigarettes and contain fewer chances of heart problems.  It was invented by one Chinese Pharmacist in 2003 and it was used by millions world widely but it was latterly called by the World Health Organization to study the impact of E cigarette on human health.  The advantage of E cigarette is it only carry’s nicotine in it as compare to tobacco cigarettes which contain other different toxic materials. They do not have tar or carbon mono oxide in it.

E cigarettes are helping the general public in reducing in the use of tobacco cigarettes and even in quitting those tobacco cigarettes too. While some of the people think that smoking though E cigarette might be the second way of giving oneself addicted to tobacco as the non smoker smokes it as fashion may lead to the constant intake of nicotine inside the body in various amounts.

An E cigarette offers the smokers to select the amount of nicotine in it and also gives vast options of different flavors from normal regular menthol to classic such as vanilla, chocolate and etc. The smoker inhales the nicotine with water and along with other flavors. One can also select the limit for a battery like short or long or even designer batteries.  The main advantages of these E cigarettes are that the issue of disposing off the ashes, cigarette buds and cleaning up the ashtrays are less. They do not even smell that bad, which might not disturb the surrounding public. Every day thousands of tobacco cigarette users are switching to E cigarette. The E cigarette comes with a kit known as Pro kit.  This kit carries all the essential stuff in it. These 2 batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 E cigarette and a car charger along with the user guide as well.

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