Health Hazards of a Traditional Cigar

From as long as one’s memory works, smoking traditional cigar has been a taboo, electronic and print advertisements portrayed ‘the man’ smoking and riding a hot car accompanied with a pretty chick, followed by the constant reminder of how it’s harmful for health and should not be used! However, as need is the mother of invention, the very ‘in’ concept of Electronic Cigar was introduced as an alternative to the harmful use of traditional cigars.

As the contradictory advertisements are part of one’s sub-conscious mind and learned behaviour, here are a few facts to brush up the health hazards of the rugged-adventurous, stereo-typed man holding traditional cigar as part of his identity classification!

Reported Cancer Risks-

Traditional Cigars smokers are 7 times more prone to the risk of cancer. This includes cancer of mouth, oesophagus, larynx and the kind.


The constant need of inhaling nicotine, tobacco consumption and nasty withdrawals are part of what traditional cigars have to offer.

These two being the most dangerous of all foes in a traditional cigar, what’s been taken as a remedy by many is the Electronic Cigar. It has been around for a long time, but for many it is still something they are unfamiliar with.

Electronic Cigar is basically a cigar look alike, but they are not lit like the traditional ones, instead they are battery operated with a chamber and cartridge which is used to fill liquid nicotine. The liquid nicotine is heated and its vapour is inhaled and exhaled by the user.

Electronic Cigar does not have tobacco in them, which is a plus and the reason why many switch to this mode. It helps in quitting the addiction of harmful tobacco consumption.

Pros of Electronic Cigar:

Electronic cigar is designed to fill up nicotine as per desired level. It does not produce smoke and does not emit any foul smell for others to bear with.

It is also more cost friendly, and easier to purchase. As it does not have tobacco in it, there is no age restriction and it can be bought without ID card issues, which makes it available easier online as well. The reusable nature of the electronic cigar leads to only nicotine filling and not purchasing again and again!


Although it seems quite beneficial, FDA has yet to approve its health benefits and provide proof of how it helps in quitting traditional cigars with tobacco in them.

The liquid nicotine consumption via electronic cigar is questionable to how it reacts to the human body. It may be one of the reasons of why it is banned in certain countries, if not privately then in public places it is certainly not allowed to be used.

Till date research does not approve or disapprove of the health benefits of an electronic cigar. A recent study by UK Metro News Outlet suggests that 86% of electronic cigar smokers quit consuming tobacco after switching to it and around 75% refused to go back to the traditional cigar smoking. It will only be evident with time and studies, till then electronic over traditional it is as far as health is concerned!

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