Health hazards of Nicotine and Benefits of E Cigarette

Smoking being of the biggest concerns of today has been on the research list since decades. Cigarettes, cigars and pipes are all harmful for the human health because they contain tobacco which is made up of harmful chemicals. The drug which acts as the addiction-agent in tobacco is the nicotine. It is an exceptionally rapid-acting drug, travelling up to the brain in no more than 15 seconds after inhaling and causing an instantaneous release of glucose which gives the hype to the smoker.

Nicotine is the “apple of discord” and if not added in the tobacco, the tobacco industry would probably crumple in no time. Excess amounts of nicotine can cause vomiting and other very serious issues such as seizures, depression and growth retardation. It is the ignorance of these significant health hazards caused by nicotine that gives the additional encouragement to the business people to keep inaugurating more and more cigarette brands day by day. Today all forms of tobacco containing nicotine are being sold in excessively large amounts and smoking, the most common form, is adopted by not only middle-aged man but even women, children and old people.

Moreover, the worst consequence faced by those people who are addicted to nicotine is the nicotine withdrawal symptoms they get while trying to quit smoking. All these reasons including the rising concern of the health diseases caused by smoking, which includes cancer, chronic disease, heart disease, emphysema, premature death, etc have hard-pressed the community to use the miracle of science in order to decrease the number of smokers in the next few years. The outcome was the reinvention of electronic cigarettes, also termed as e cigarettes.

An e cigarette basically works as an inhaler in which the liquid solution is vaporized into an aerosol mist that comes out as the smoke puff giving the essence of smoking to the smoker. It is made of three components: plastic cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. The e cigarette is beneficial because the vapor smoke is dissimilar to the tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke releases above 4000 chemicals, the elimination of this toxic smoke and its replacement with pure nicotine smoke saves the smokers from the health hazards associated with it.

The issue with e cigarette is the nicotine whose levels may be unchanged in comparison to the conventional cigarettes. The equally advantageous fact is that at least it does not give out the deadly smoke causing serious health diseases. The only drug that is inhaled when smoking an e cigarette is the pure nicotine. The subject of argument still remains as to whether inhaling pure nicotine is safe and harmless to our bodies or not.

The level of nicotine, however, can be altered in an e cigarette according to the customer preferences which means some might have less amount of nicotine while others having absolutely none. Most of the e cigarettes preferred by the customers are filled with nicotine which is why, in most countries; they are not sold as smoking cessation aids or tobacco replacements. The concept of e cigarette is now very popular amongst the youngsters and other generations.

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