Health Hazards of Tobacco Cigar and Better Alternatives

With growing trends of smoking at early ages, many people have been the victim of various health and oral diseases including some serious diseases such as oral cancer. Once a person indulges into the habit of smoking regularly, they are very likely to become addicted to the practice and hence this puts their health at a risk.

Alternatives to Cigarettes

Doctors and scientists have long worked towards finding a cure for this ill-habit and have come up with a few alternatives to smoking. Smoking Addicts have been tested with these products and a certain number of the cases have been successful as well. Nicotine patches, e cigars, nicotine chewing gums are all such solutions.

Tobacco cigarettes

Tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine which has an addictive effect on consumers. These cigarettes are the single greatest cause of preventable death all over the world including old and young smokers. They can lead to diseases related to the heart, liver or lungs due to the tar and carbon monoxide. The more quantity of tar included in the cigarette, the more likely the smoker is at risk of such diseases. This is the very reason why many smokers have turned to alternatives such as the e cigar or in other words, electronic cigarettes.

E cigars and their benefits

E cigars or electronic cigarettes have various benefits as compared to the conventional cigarettes full of tobacco. These devices do not contain any sort of tobacco but in fact work with s nicotine liquid which is refillable and creates vapor when inhaled. E cigars have helped many regular and heavy smokers to quit smoking who eventually became aware of the risk factors involved with normal conventional cigarettes. E cigars are recommended to heavy smokers by many doctors and counselors who have helped individuals overcome their addiction with tobacco cigarettes. Doctors state that since there is no direct inhalation of tobacco, the mouth or other organs are not affected. Moreover, bystanders are also at a risk of being affected by the smoking individual since the bystander can inhale the smoke coming from him or her. It is enough that the smoke is inhaled which is why parents are advised not to smoke in front of their children and people who have sensitive lungs like asthmatic patients. Other respiratory infections are associated with tobacco smoking which is not the case with electronic cigarettes. These can be used anywhere even if the area is a non-smoking area since no smoke is produced and hence bystanders are not at any risk. E cigars have proved to be one of the best alternatives to tobacco cigarettes where numerous successful cases have been reported of individuals who decided to quit smoking after using these devices.

Other alternatives

Apart from e cigars, doctors recommend smokers to try out nicotine chewing gum and nicotine patches as well which provides the individual with the required amount of nicotine to the body. Once this addiction is overcome, the person can stop using these products since their usage is temporary.

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