Herbal E-Cigs

Portable herbal e cigarettes are a brilliant option when one wants to make use of loose leaf herbs and essential oils both for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Provided that they are used properly, they will deliver far less carcinogens and tar as compared to conventional smoking techniques.

There are many different styles of dry herb e cigarettes as well as essential oil vaporizers and they range from small portable kinds to large desktop styles. An elegant blend of esthetics and science has resulted in these modern vapors and they offer aromatherapy as well as medicinal benefits. Most vaporizers that are available in the market are able to use essential oils or dry herbs. Most people tend to utilize tobacco or loose leaf herbs in them which allows them to have a delivery of the leaf’s medicinal characteristics which is clean as essential oils are quite popular because of their aromatic smells and health benefits.

The two major types of oil and dry herb vaporizers are the Portable and the Desktop ones. Both these categories have their own unique advantages and categories.

 Desktop Vaporizers

The desktop herbal vaporizers do not have to face the design issue of the amount of power that is required to heat the heating element to temp which is faced by portable e cigarettes/vaporizers. The desktop vaporizers have the ability to make use of the AC power for home use and are able to give a powerful vapor delivery. For people who don’t want to make a mess at home, these are the best.

These vaporizers use a direct draw mouthpiece or a balloon for delivering the vapor. The whip allows one to inhale the vapor while being at a distance from the device. Though the direct draw is uncommon it is used by having one’s mouth close to the device when in use. The balloon on the other hand is for enjoying the vapor at a distance without having to go to it again and again. Both these methods allow the vapor to cool and so don’t irritate one’s lungs or throat.

Portable Vaporizers

‘On the go’ vapor is kept in mind when these small portable devices are manufactured. Basically these are hand held machines that run on batteries that are rechargeable and so do not need to be plugged in. They have the appearance of e cigarettes and that is the reason why are deemed best for discreet vaping purposes. Another plus point is that these portable herbal vaporizers are much more affordable as compared to the desktop kinds.

As compared to the desktop kind, these portable units have smaller heating capacity heating chambers because of the heat that is needed to vaporize essential oils and dry loose herb leaves. For this reason they are useful for one or two people for short sessions though they need to be refilled quite often.

For a quality vaping experience, that is both discreet and has the ability to be taken anywhere, these portable herbal vaporizers are the best choice.


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