The History and Success of the Electronic Cigarettes

Ever since they have been created, the e cigarettes have become one of the best inventions of the present times. Due to the fact that these cigarettes can actually help smokers quit smoking, they have been highly promoted by individuals everywhere. The best part is the fact that they have managed to convince smokers to stay away from real cigarettes, which is something that they had never been able to do before. The electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes, are basically a replica of the real cigarettes, minus the nicotine and smoke. According to many surveys, a massive amount of people have switched from real cigarettes to these cigarettes over the past couple of years.

The Creation of E Cigs

The electronic cigarette was created by Hon Lik, a Chinese, who had a terrible smoking habit and wanted to put an end to his addiction by creating a device which produced vapor rather than smoke and did not contain nicotine whatsoever. The idea turned out to be an exclusive one since after a couple of tries, Hon Lik actually managed to create the world’s first electronic cigarettes. The e cigarettes were immediately introduced within the US and European markets where they were immensely appreciated. After the positive and rather amazing reception, these cigarettes managed to make their way to the top without having to face any issues.

Promoted by Health Orgs & Activists

These days, the e cigarettes are being promoted by various health organizations as well as health activists who want smokers to see how damaging the real cigarettes can be. A lot of deaths in the world on a yearly basis are caused by lung cancers, or bad health conditions due to smoking. Since nicotine is an awfully addictive drug, smokers need to move to something else which also gives them their ‘smoking fix’ but without the negative side effects, nicotine and chemicals. This is where the electronic cigarettes come in to act as the best alternative for smoking.

Decline of Tobacco Industry

One of the biggest victories achieved by the e cigarettes so far is the fact that they have managed to beat the tobacco industry by a long shot. From celebrities to very important personalities in the media, everyone needs to be switching to the electronic cigarettes these days simply because of the wide range of advantages they have to offer in both the short as well as the long run. As people tend to follow celebs a lot, they have also begun to use these cigarettes as it is one of the hottest trends currently.

Extra Benefits

The electronic cigarettes have come a long way by providing people with an amazing alternative for smoking. Not only are these cheap in comparison with real cigarettes but they are also available in two different types which consist of the disposable ones as well as the refillable ones. Life is precious and it is in ones hand to protect it in the best way. Smoking can be hazardous but by switching to e cigarettes, smokers can make a huge amount of difference in their lives and also move towards a healthy lifestyle in the future.


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