How Amerismoke Helps Quit Smoking

A number of e cigarette brands are there in the market which serve the purpose of replicating the effects of smoking as well as helping the chain smokers quit smoking. Some people find it very effective once they begin using it for the sake of the later purpose. However some may not be that satisfied with the absence of tobacco that actually causes the addiction. However, the overall results for the effectiveness of e cigarettes show a positive curve on the charts as this technology is revolutionary and even life changing in some cases. Easy to use and easy to find; the device is a modern day miracle that is soon to cover the entire cigarette market.

Amerismoke has a quality which puts it above all e cigarette brands. It can be used as a nicotine replacement therapy to help users to actually give up this self destructive habit once and for all. While most e cigarette brands claim to help quit smoking, this one actually does. Chain smokers who are unable to rid themselves of this habit and have tried everything from nicotine patches and gums will now have a more effective and healthier way of treatment. Amerismoke will at first help the person transition from the lethal tobacco cigarette to a much safer e cigarette. 79% people who use e cigarette which looks and tastes the same as a regular cigarette do not feel the need to consume tobacco cigarette again.


Afterwards, the habit of nicotine addiction can also be taken care of as Amerismoke allows users to choose the amount of Eliquid which is filled with liquid nicotine instead of manufacturing filled cartridges allowing the user to choose the amount of nicotine they put in a cigarette. As nicotine is highly addictive chemical and gives temporary relaxation and short term sensation, people who smoke become victims of nicotine fixation, a condition in which a person develops dependence on nicotine.  With proper regulatory system and medical guidance from professionals, the proportion of e liquid in Amerismoke may be lessened day by day till a point comes when there is no more fixation. Even the liquid that is inhaled is in the form of vapor and once exhaled leaves the body without causing harm.


Purchasing Amerismoke is also more economical as consumers do not have to buy cartridges over and over again as one cartridge can be filled multiple times with e liquid which comes with customized flavors watermelon, pineapple, pina colada, fruit punch, chocolate, blueberry, vanilla, coffee etc. The entire starter kit of Amerismoke liquid costs $36.99 which is in comparison one of the cheapest rates of e cigarette brands in the market so that consumers with a low budget can also benefit from the therapy. All the attachments of Amerismoke cost from $4.25 to $10 which is again a very affordable rate for an e cig. This is how Amerismoke will effectively help the person quit smoking by providing a convenient and cost effective solution to their smoking problem.




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