How does Amerismoke Electronic Cigarettes Work

Cigarette smokers are currently being exposed to massive information about going ‘green’ or how to avoid the multiple disease creating addiction of smoking.

The latest survey conducted in 2009 estimated approximately 20.6% adults (age group 18+) in the US as smokers. Given that smoking is recognized as number one source of preventable sickness and diseases along with premature death rate, 20.6% is a big number to be at risk!

An average cigarette puff contains around 4,800 chemicals in it, out of which approximately 69 are believed to bring the smoker closer to cancer.

As a therapy or alternative, electronic cigarettes were introduced to encourage smokers to quit the addictive habit. Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are quite famous by now, almost one in five smokers have experimented it.

E-cigarettes look and taste exactly like conventional cigarettes, only the smell of tobacco and tobacco itself is missing in it. E-cigarettes are battery run devices, having a cartridge that fills liquid nicotine as per desired quantity, as the smoker inhales this liquid nicotine turns in to an odourless steam and fulfils the smokers urge and need of nicotine level.

E-cigarettes are very easy and safe to use. It is available with chargeable or replaceable battery. Many nicotine flavours are also available in the market and online for smokers who want added taste to the experience. Cherry, Vanilla, Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Chocolate are to name a few.

Manufacturers of E-cigarettes have designed them to satisfy needs of conventional smokers, so they can easily cut down the tobacco intake and not miss out on the oral satisfaction of placing cigarettes in the mouth and taking puffs of nicotine.

There are many brands of E-cigarettes available in the market. The idea is far-fetched, targeting the teenagers to save them from getting hooked on to tobacco and helping adults to get rid of the foe. One of the trusted and recommended brands is Amerismoke.

Amerismoke, as the name suggests, is a pure American manufactured E-cigarette brand. The quality of cartridge and nicotine liquid is not compromised at all. It is a little pricier than other available brands, but the small amount of price notch is well justified by Amerismoke e-cigarette kit, quality product and long lasting use.

For conventional smokers, Amerismoke e-cigarettes save up to 90% of cost, as they don’t have to buy the whole cigarette every time, only the nicotine liquid needs to be refilled, that too is available in over 7 flavours.

Amerismoke comes with a basic starter kit to facilitate its users and help them get familiar easily with the product. Amerismoke also provides a USB charger for its battery and gives the smallest known micro butt of cigarette with a carrying case and around 3 cartridges. The customer service of Amerismoke is also reliable and makes sure they satisfy the user.

Where the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still unclear about the health hazards of using e-cigarettes, Amerismoke is one brand that poses lower risk of any hypothesis since it uses the best quality products to assemble a safe, odour free smoking experience for its users.

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