How does vaping beat smoking?

May it be the black and white television era or the LED times that this generation has, after every cigarette commercial there is always a health risk warning which specifies how smoking kills. It’s ironic that at one point the advertisers are convincing that life would be no good without tobacco filled puffs and the very next split second there are hazardous precautions followed. This mixture of message has been banned in several countries recently and cigarettes are not allowed to be advertised anymore. The health problems associated with tobacco smoking such as cancer, blocked arteries and black lungs are drilled well enough in minds. This aversion of cigarette market has carved out a new market for the segment- Electronic cigarettes. Following are the ways that conventional cigarette has been side tracked by the famous e-cigs available worldwide-

1)      Alternative for fulfilling desire yet not damaging the body-

The addiction of inhaling smoke and exhaling it along with carrying it in the hand at all times is surely tough to leave behind. E-cigarette offer a battery operated device that vaporizes nicotine and sends out odourless and harmless smoke. Liquid nicotine is available in differed flavours to fulfil the demands of smokers. It is a healthier and safer option which does not harm smokers as conventional cigarettes do. Just how the carbonated soft drink industry posed out weight problem and health issues it lead to the launch of diet carbonated drinks to minimize harmful effects, similarly e-cigarettes have proven to be the gateway for quitting conventional cigarettes.

2)      Wider access and permission to use in public places-

E-cigarettes have proved to be beneficial for those who hated stepping out of restaurants or malls just to puff a smoke and fulfil the desire of nicotine intake. Due to its odourless feature and no tobacco presence it is not proved to be harmful for passive smokers. Hence, the feasibility of being seated and enjoying puffs just about anywhere beat conventional smoking anytime and any day. Moreover, what is also an additional point for ease and convenience that it can be smoked anywhere is there are no ashes hence no dirt and no need of ash trays for disposing it off. It’s cleaner and healthier at the same time.

3)      Cost Effective as compared to conventional cigarettes-

E-cigarettes have the feature of refilling cartridges with liquid nicotine in order renew the smoking experience once the nicotine ends in the device. Although the first time buying expenditure of e-cigs is greater than conventional cigarettes, the eventual money saved on buying the cigarette again and again is definitely a plus for e-cigs. E-cigs beat the cost in the long run and prove to be money worthy. Some good brands such as Amerismoke offer multiple flavours to be purchased separately or available in the kit for smokers to avail in the long run.

4)      Increased quality and safety due to strict licensing rules-

Where conventional cigarettes were finding a gateway to beat e-cigs as being unhealthy and unsafe for its users, the e-cig industry has successfully prepared a counter argument and very well increased its point through it. Greater regulation and strict licensing rules have sent all fraudulent and cheap e-cigarette manufactures out of the industry. Hence, safer e-cigarette smoking experience is now delivered with ease.


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